Revenge – Attack.Blood.Revenge

(Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2014)

When speaking of Revenge, I’m sure most fans know the backgrounds of the band’s members throughout the years in bands like Conqueror, Blood Revolt, Order From Chaos etc. In fact this Canadian “scene” is maybe most known for it’s seriously aggressive fuck you attitude, punk-like in it’s own way, but metal as hell. The mainman of Revenge is however the vocalist and drummer James Read, who has played for many other bands as well, but if you want experience the whole spectrum of his merciless furious storms of hate, you have to listen to bands like Revenge or Conqueror.

This reissue of their first 2001 Ep with bonus tracks serves as a perfect introduction to Revenge if you are not yet familiar with the band. Right from the start sirens howl before the machine-gun drums shear your sanity to pieces. Read attacks with almost grindcorish hellish speeds and cursing screams. This is pure fucken armageddon in form of spikes and bullets, no one is spared from this revelation and revolution, aimed toward all sheepish flocks and herd of weaklings.

The unnatural beats of Read are undoubtedly hard to imitate in their original off-beat but militaristic precision. They bring to ones mind perhaps Napalm Death’s “Scum” or Sadistik Exekution, to say the least. The vocals come sometimes though weird filters of effects and rhythms not usually heard in death or black metal, although they are mostly just sharp chainsawlike raging, where you can make sense of a sentence or two, adding to the atmosphere of the band. Although skillfully played the massive basslines and the steadily killing guitars usually buzz in the background, before some hellish lead attacks out of nowhere (reminding me of early Deicide), letting the sounds concentrate on the insanity of the drums.

Revenge propably appeals to anyone attracted by truly original and aggressive music, whether they might be into grindcore, noise or power electronics, death or black metal, breakcore (or whatever). If you’re not intimidated by the bands “fascistic” imagery (and start shouting “nazis!” with your finger pointing and right hand held high), and want to hear something really powerful and aggressive, you should check this out. Even the singer of the experimental hip-hip group Death Grips has been wearing a Revenge shirt.

A great reissue for sure, which of course fortunately featured a truly Revengeful version of Bathory’s “War”!

8/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Revenge (Facebook)

Nuclear War Now! Productions

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