Lebensnacht – Uudelleensyntynyt Ikuiseen Pimeyteen

(Naturmacht Productions, 2014)

Lebensnacht is the beloved child of Robert Brockmann (whom operates a great label Naturmacht Productions). On this his latest release he explores the theme of Death and the Afterlife / Rebirth. The title is Finnish for “Reborn Into Eternal Darkness”.

The music moves at times with elements of Black Metal and Doom or slow Death Metal combined, like a Burzumish version of Ruins Of Beverast. At times the album sounds like a modern version of “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” or “Filosofem”, with it’s own personal approach to that kind of style.

The guitar sounds are raw and powerful, and work great the way they are played. Nothing too complex, but very nineties mid-tempo Black Metallish, with lots of tremolo-riffs, strokes and some damping. The vocals are, like in his earlier work, again very Burzumish as well, melancholic and desperate screams, with spoken parts here and there in German to add a little Gothic feeling in the music.

This album luckily features real drums, which bring the music to life. The beats are quite simple but played with good skill, just as the rest of the instruments. Although the music stays pretty much the same throughout the album, it keeps you in it’s grip hypnotising and caressing you in it’s own dark way from start to finish. The overall productions is great and atmospheric, airy yet heavy, and serves as a very important point of allure.

Between the songs there are cool atmospheric Ambient parts performed with acoustic or calmer and subtler guitars and synths, bringing a more artistic feeling to the whole. Most of the time this album manages in dragging you into it’s calm and beautifully sorrowful world, where you drift along the similarly warm and cold waves of the music, like a spirit waiting to wake up from some weird bluish dream.The cover art fits the music fantastically as well, so this is most likely a good package to be bought.

This album should appeal to anyone into atmospheric and calm melancholic Metal, or nineties Black Metal, especially for fans of old Burzum. Robert just keeps making better and better music!

8/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Lebensnacht (Facebook)

Naturmacht Productions

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