Utu Lautturi – Arcane Pyres

(Cursed Tapes, 2014)

On this cassette-release Finnish experimental artist Utu Lautturi collaborates with two other artists, 45:KO and Faces Of BÈlmez, with both collaborations on their own sides of the tape.

Side A (with 45:KO) inspects the atmospheres and customs of the Aghoris (the aescetic holy men of India living amongst the dead, conquering their fears and Egos by performing taboo-rituals) and serves as an audial offering to Kali Ma. It has four songs of amazing quality Ambient conjuring very authentic atmospheres and sceneries of India, the Ganges River, with bodies floating in the water and funeral pyres filling the air with smoke. Flutes, bells, chants and other organic sounds unite with electronic Drony walls of soft Noises to create one of the best ritual music I’ve ever heard in my life. The quality of the textures and the spaces of the sounds is very good, giving a multi-dimensional feel to the music.

Side B (with Faces Of BÈlmez) features even more Ambientlike stuff, with a bit more Psychedelic and Noisy approach. The nature of these songs is a bit more aggressive and harsh than on the other side, but nevertheless a similar Eastern feeling can be easily found here. This may well fall into the Ritual Music category as well, although being a bit more darker and frightening perhaps. Not as easy of a trip than the first side.

The long one hour running time of this release makes it totally worth the money, for every Electronic (especially Ambient, Ritual, Noise, etc.) music freak with a cassette player. As far as I understand, these songs are not planned to be released on CD, so this is truly a rare gem!

9/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Cursed Tapes (Facebook)

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