Lon Milo DuQuette – The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford

(Weiser Books, 2001)

This book is already almost 15 years old, but naturally timeless in it’s nature, and always as actual and current to the aspiring Initiate, Qabalist, Magician.

Lon Milo DuQuette has been involved in the Occult world of Western Magick, Hermeticism and such since the sixties, practicing with many of the revered personalities of the Esoteric circles, writing numerous books on the Mystical subjects, as well as operating as the Head Governing Officer of the Ordo Templi Orientis since 1975, among various other things.

Let’s face it, most people into Esotericism and Occultism sense the simplicity behind the ancient ideas from the beginning, but spend years studying cryptic and or pompous modern compendiums of these ideas, presented of course quite cryptically in the first place.

The ideas of for example Buddhism are in many cases grasped a lot more easier, since this is the basic nature of such Eastern systems: To make things simple and clear for the individual and practitioner, while the Western systems of more ritualistic and symbolic nature – although describing the very same things as their Eastern cousins in the first place – often escape the wanna-be Magus.

Lon presents to us a kind of down-to-earth and practical description (and a system of practice to some extent) of the classic Kabbalah as “Chicken Qabalah”, making the more modern open-minded and progressive form of the older “orthodox” mystical Jewish Spiritual system – or Western Qabalah – even more open minded and approachable to the student. Using the alter ego of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford, he describes the usually difficult, vast and elusive concepts of Kabbalah with good examples and humour. His wits and jests appeal to any fan of Mel Brooks, Monty Python or Douglas Adams.

The multifaceted paths between the Sephiroth and their correspondences to the Tarot, the Elemental planes of the Tree of Life and the Human Soul, the Hebrew alphabet with it’s Geometrical systems, may often seem overwhelming to the person starting his journey up this magnificent map of human consciousness. Fortunately we have books like this to explain to us the fundamental concepts in an entertaining way.

You still have to learn the Hebrew alphabet, but nothing should be made too easy (not even Buddhism).

To those Spiritual seekers of the Ultimate Realization, who don’t just want to drive straight to the end of the highway, but want to visit the sightseeing spots on the way as well, the Qabalah serves as an amazing system of self-observing and transforming “programming”, and who ever thinks that Magick (or Art for that matter) is supposed to be serious, probably will never get it anyhow.

To you, with a sense of humour and who is interested in the concept of the Kabbalah (or Qabalah), I heartily recommend this book.

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