Waingro – S/T

(Self-Released, 2014)

Waingro from Vancouver proves once more that there is something in the drinking water of that area, making dudes create kicks-ass rocking bands with simple ingredients but hell of a lot of personality and natural skill.

The style Waingro plays (so naturally as if they’ve done it forever), is to me a combination of Stoner Rock, Skate-Punk, Sludge, more modern Hardcore and just plain Rock and Roll. Some aspects of the songs sound like Andrew W.K. going all Epitaph Records, while some sound like I’m a heavily bearded dude riding his bike in the desert, mildly high.

There’s a part where an energetic Punk Rock scene suddenly turns into a really Sludgy Stoned Doom mass, and it works. Sometimes the guitars go all Psychedelic and Seventies on your already convinced mind. Most of the eleven songs are their own little worlds, but always filled with either Punk and Rock energy or groovy Stoner haze.

The drums are played heavenly, complex yet grooving, bringing the essential feelings to whatever musical themes the songs may turn into. The same goes with the guitars. As a band containing a couple of musical styles (quite huge dimensions on their own), the guitars are played with such skill, feeling and ease, you gotta marvel the multitalented gifts of this guy. The bass is played as splendidly as the guitars, having a low but noticeable fantastic pulse to it.

What makes the band really stand out is the use of Hardcore shouting with this kind of music. And the vocals are handled with the same kind of quality every other instrument on this release.

The sounds are top notch, great in quality yet faithful to the music styles in question. The artwork of the album is one of the coolest I’ve seen in awhile, and it totally fits the music.

This album should be very appealing to fans of energetic and rocking music, especially if you happen to like Kyuss, Orange Goblin, The Sword and Hardcore Punk at the same time!

8.5/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Waingro (Facebook)

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