Ascension – Deathless Light

(World Terror Committee, 2014)

There have been speculation about the mysterious members of Ascension, but since this is apparently irrelevant for the feeling being summoned by their music, we honour the attitude of the band and leave these guessings (or facts) out of this review.

In my personal opinion, every since their lengthy demo “With Burning Tongues”, Ascension has given the sometimes much needed “matureness” to the world of Religious, Spiritual or Occult Black Metal (or whatever you wish to call it).

Their first full-length “Consolamentum” and it’s preceding Ep “Fire And Faith” was a slight progress to the sound Ascension introduced us with their magnificent demo, and left us yearning for more. Now our prayers have been answered in the form of an upcoming full-length and an Ep once again prior to the album.

The Ep offers us two lengthy songs, “Deathless Light” and “Gardens Of Stone” (the first one being more intense while the later one more calm), which continue musically where the previous material left off.

The chords and melodies of the guitars bring to mind maybe Watain, but not with that amount of Dissection-worship. The welcomed peculiarity of Ascension is in my opinion the well-played Prog-Rock-like leads (often reminding me of Pink Floyd) which echo above the main riffs.

Just like the guitarist, the drummer plays well, dealing mostly in fast-paced blasts, sometimes slowing down with the songs to mid-tempo or slower beats.

Once again the vocalists as well sounds great, with his extremely well performed screaming shouting chanting, which offers the words nicely audible.

The whole soundscape bathes in just the right amount of reverb, making the whole experience sound even more than before like being performed inside some massive Heretic Cathedral. Spice this up with some cool effects and such and you’ve got the soundtrack to a leather-clad metalists Luciferian Gnostic Ascension!

This serves as great appetizer to the upcoming album. If you are new to Ascension, but are a fan of bands like Watain, Mortuus, Katharsis etc. this might make you feel truly (un)holy. And for the older fans, this Ep offers the same quality Black Metal Ascension always have graced us with.

8/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Ascension (Facebook)

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