Sedna – S/T

(Drown Within Records, 2014)

Sedna from Italy has been formed in 2009, and they released a Demo in 2011, which means they have had a lot of time to practice their art, and it shows in the music, mos def.

Their first self-titled full-length starts with a slow Doomy part (not too heavy), that switches into fast blast-beating Black Metal, with ethereal riffs and melodies reminding of more modern bands like Deafhaven, until returning to a slower groovier Sludgy part. These are the elements of which three of the four songs (one song being more ambient one) on the album are mainly composed of.

The guitars, very skilfully played, are quite high and clear in the mix, suiting the melodies of the music nicely. Although the riffs are quite similar all the time, they manage to stay mostly interesting and melancholically beautiful all the way throughout the album, with only a few more “boring” parts in the between. The bass melodies are also audible enough and well played in the background. The drummer plays amazingly, switching from Doomier parts to fast blasts, from more Death Metalic parts to technical Jazzy playing. There are also more calmer semi-acoustic parts with ambient rattling sounds in the background to give the atmosphere.

The vocals sound really sick and suffering, like a mixture of some Post-Metal vocalist and younger Varg Vikernes (but sung a bit lower). The third song is a more ambient and experimental one which features vocals from Stefania Pedretti of OVO (very artistic, like a calm version of Diamanda Galas). The fourth song features at one point more Black Metalic screaming (by Mike B of Viscera/// I think).

I don’t know about the backgrounds of the musicians but this album sounds like something coming out of serious music-school students, in a positive way.

The overall sound of this album is quite clear and thin, although striking, but not so heavy and Doomy like the case is mostly with bands like this, which only adds to the personality of the band. The artwork also fits the music splendidly.

Quality music for fans of bands like Deafhaven, Cult Of Luna or Altar Of Plagues!

8/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Sedna (Facebook)

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