Old Thunder – Slings & Arrows

(Self-Released, 2014)

Old Thunder from Kentucky was created by Dustin Grooms after doing music under a different name for years. The band takes it’s name from that famous novel by Melville, “Moby Dick”, and finds it’s inspiration from literature, life in general, as well as from many music styles (including different forms of Punk and Metal).

The album starts with very raw and Doomy feelings, with half-spoken, half-screamed Black Metalic vocals, as well as pure spoken voice, both of which sound theatrical, dramatic and cool, fitting the music well.

The same Doom continues at the beginning of the second song, until suddenly changing into a full-on Blackened Thrash and Punk hybrid with very atmospheric and fierce sounding vocals, then coming back to the extremely slow grooves, after which changing into a more psychedelic semi-acoustic calm part with well-performed clear singing.

The rest of the songs continue along these lines, changing from aggressive and intensive parts to calmer flowing melancholia. The fourth song is however a quite well performed cover of Katatonia’s “Rainroom”, which fits the other music of the album fine.

The sounds on this album are good and professional, as is the performing of the instruments. Especially the varied vocals and guitars bring a lot of personality to this release.

I would recommend this for fans of bands like Thou and other similar “Punk-attitude” raw and slow stuff, but then again this music is so cool it might appeal to just about anyone into Crust Punk, Doom and Sludge, Post-Metal or Black Metal.

A very strong and promising start for this band!

8.5/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Old Thunder (Bandcamp)

Old Thunder (Facebook)

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