Interview with JL (Devouring Star)

Devouring Star from Finland offered on the band’s debut Demo two magnificent songs of original and classy upscale Black Metal, when compared to most new bands within the “Spiritual” or “Occult” current of the Art. The band consists of a single anonymous member, and as he is ready to unleash his first full-length album, and plays live (with a session line-up) as well, I had a few questions for the man behind this great music.

Greetings! How are things in your life at the moment?

Greetings. My life at the moment regarding Devouring Star is focused on the release of the first-full-length ”Through Lung And Heart”, and in planning of things to come. Other than that, the contents of my life are not connected to interviews dealing with Devouring Star.

Devouring Star 02

Devouring Star as band is quite young, but there is a strong feeling of professionalism and imagination coming forth from the music, both in forms of compositions as well as execution of the songs. It’s quite evident you’re not making music for the first time in your life?

Devouring Star is the first project, where I create music under a certain name.

In today’s underground, we can find a lot of bands performing this certain “dissonant” (regarding the style of the riffs) material, with themes revolving around the Occult and Religions, and this may already be seen as a trend. Do you see it like that, as a trend, or perhaps as a genre of Black Metal on it’s own, formed during the years? There are people whom probably regard it as a “higher” form of Black Metal?

The dissonance of the music is just a tool with which to mirror certain themes musically. I see this similar kind of music, which is not so-called “traditional” Black Metal, as it’s own style within the genre. However, the style of Devouring Star comes naturally, fitting to be a musical representation of the lyrical and ideological sides of the band. A “higher” form is not defined by the structure of the music, but the entirety of the whole. Black Metal is still in it’s fundamental purpose more than just music.

The lyrics of the band are intelligent and multifaceted, and travel clearly in the world of Occult and Spiritual symbolism. What are the greatest themes and sources of inspiration behind your lyrics, or are they perhaps so diverse, you let the listener/reader interpret them as he or she sees fit?

My way of phrasing things is usually symbolic and the lyrics must always be written in the way they give the listener different ways of interpretation. If the lyrics wouldn’t challenge the reader to think, they would be nothing but words on paper, without any greater meaning to the lyricist, as well as lacking any greater agenda. The themes of my lyrics are at least Metaphysics, and the Philosophy of Death.

Devouring Star 04

Does so-called Occultism mean to you the language of “Mystical” phenomenons, and the Art of controlling them, or do you see it more as Philosophical symbolism and Psychological phenomenons?

Occultism walks hand in hand with symbolism, which is defined by it’s interpreter. Philosophy comes in it’s original form from the person himself, and it’s highly likely that to most who are not dedicated enough on their own path, the Mystical energies and Spirituality are Psychological phenomenons. Spirituality can however be seen in a very earth-bound way as well.

You have most likely received a lot of great feed-back and offers for deals after the release of your Demo, and now your first full-length album is about to be released through Daemon Worship Productions. How did this deal came to be, were you approached by the label or vice versa?

To me, Daemon Worship Productions has been a label with clearly a certain theme and agenda in their releases. As I have had respect for the work they are doing for quite some time now, approaching them was a natural choice.

You also play live. Has it been difficult for you to find people to perform your very personal music on stage? Do you see Devouring Star more as a studio- or a live-band, or perhaps both?

Finding the live-members happened naturally. I see Devouring Star as both, but there are certain demands for myself which must be fulfilled in live-appearances. Our so far only gig was not enough in this case.

Photo by: Marco Manzi
Photo by: Marco Manzi

The Finnish Black Metal scene is seen from the outside perspective usually as the workings of a certain group of friends, although there are a number of bands in this country working sometimes completely on their own. How do you see yourself in this matter? Are you interested in doing cooperation with other bands, or do you prefer to act on your own and let the music do the talking?

I naturally respect artists with similar interests, and therefore cooperation is not completely excluded. However, Devouring Star is my own channel with it’s releases. My work does not need to convince anyone else but myself.

I want to thank you for this short interview! What are your future plans with Devouring Star, besides releasing the new album?

The plans for the future are naturally in the future. At this point we are however working on advancing in regards of possible live-shows. Thank you!

Devouring Star (Facebook)

Devouring Star (Bandcamp)

Live Photograph by Marco Manzi (Facebook)

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