[ówt krì] – The New Seed

(Alrealon Musique, 2013)

Kenneth K. has been making music under the name [ówt krì] since 2005. This review focuses on his 2013-release “The New Seed”, although he has two newer digital releases out as well, namely “White Glaciers” (Format Noise, 2014) and “Sounds Of Liquid” (Spheredelic, 2014). He also performs live as well.

Kenneth uses soft and deep, yet sometimes Noisy Ambient synth-sounds mixed with electric guitars to create audial paintings of many layers and colours. His way of mixing calm and subtle melodies (played with equally calm sounds) and heavier Drony waves of quality sound result in an atmosphere and soundscape reminiscent of a mind in meditation.

These sounds move like passing thoughts or clouds of psychedelic colours through skies of different temperatures and beautiful alien landscapes of many seasons. Just when you are about to fall through a subconscious floor into an even deeper cosmic stream, a beautiful piano-melody picks you up with soft fingers.

Some songs on this album feature quite artistic and avant-garde vocals, which are not bad by any means, but take the feelings at times to artistic Hip hop or something similar, although there are also calmer vocal-parts appearing. I can imagine using this album for meditation or self-hypnosis with skipping the songs containing the vocals (since they contain a bit harsher Noisy sounds as well), and I can imagine myself listening to these songs separately as well, as individual pieces of art.

The whole meditative atmosphere of most of the songs makes me wish they were longer, but that might be just a question of taste, depending on the moment of listening as well.

The quality of sounds on this album is extremely good, with many different subtle frequencies audible, working like a charm on my psyche. These songs are beautiful audial paintings, visual to the inner eye. This is Musick with Magickal qualities, creating strong effects within the listener, almost like a psychedelic substance. I can imagine how well this music would work when listened while tripping on for example Psilocybin.

A highly recommended album for all fans of meditative Ambient music with multiple textures sounding well together. This is so much more than some “Relaxation” music form the New Age section. This is true art of sound, a whole multifaceted reality in itself.

9/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

[ówt krì] (Facebook)

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