Interview with Dragged Into Sunlight

When extreme music styles such as Black and Death Metal, Sludge, Crust Punk etc. became unimaginably popular, a lot of musicians with no “real” background in these styles started incorporating elements of these darker and more violent style of music into their art. Some people also got fed up with the more orthodox presentation of their underground art and took in elements of other music styles, blurring the line of the phenomenon some might call fore example “Hipster Black Metal” or similar. However some bands just presented stuff that was so outworldly twisted, sinister, aggressive and dark you really didn’t have time to think about the musical backgrounds of the artist. You just marvelled the display of something really powerful and original. A new form of higher art.

Thanks. It is worth adding that those persons attracted to growing trends are often not welcome anywhere else, and like parasites, they drain the integrity of music and create diluted sub-genres. Whereas a ‘real’ background is useful as a tool of the trade so to speak, genuine intentions go further.

Greetings, representative of Dragged Into Sunlight! With whom do we have the pleasure of conversing with?

We speak collectively.

You have stated your backgrounds are from various UK Metal acts, and that’s about it. What I am interested in though, is the nature of these other or former bands: Are they of a more different sort, and is DIS your version of truly aggressive music, or do you have backgrounds in similar stuff?

In short, yes.

Importantly, there is a distinction between ‘true’ and ‘genuine’, Dragged Into Sunlight may be considered as ‘genuinely’ aggressive music.  The truth is often subjective and open to interpretation, it is pathetic that art ‘can’ be defined so rigidly and does not speak highly as to the intellect of the listener.  Those who listen to Dragged Into Sunlight are not as blinkered as to dismiss music based on a fashion statement.

DIS 04

Recently, we were informed that a certain magazine should not write about Iron Monkey as the same publication regularly covered popular bands. Is that really a reason to dismiss words written about a truly influential band?

As for the term ‘aggressive’, it is also flooded with connotations in extreme music. Dragged Into Sunlight is, as you suggest, a version.

There are an increasing number of individuals involved in Dragged Into Sunlight. Between those involved, we have covered many genres from doom and hardcore to black metal and grindcore over the years. None compare to Dragged Into Sunlight. There exists a very clear distinction in the psychology between bands who fit into the latter genres comfortably and Dragged Into Sunlight.

I have also read that when it comes to your professions your backgrounds vary from psychology to law and drug-dealing. If you come from quite (fundamentally) different kinds of professions (or are they?), what is the unifying factor within the band besides the music of course?

Correct. Each profession or expertise benefits the whole. The unifying factor is an underlying negative vibe which exists within every single human being. Natural killer instinct.

As your music gets praises all over the internet (at least), does this effect your record sales?  As money is probably not your biggest motivation in creating this art, what is nevertheless your view of the current state of this kind of music, sales wise?

It’s totally fucked. Like everything else. Extreme music is an art and each of those involved in Dragged Into Sunlight pay by the tonne mentally and physically for their art.

DIS 02

While “Hatred For Mankind” featured pure violent aggression, “Widowmaker” had a long ambient acoustic part. How about the future material, will it contain both elements?

Possibly. Who knows. It is what it is and we shall see in good time.

The Noise- and Industrial-elements have also always been somewhat apparent in the music of DIS. You also did a collaboration track with Gnaw Their Tongues. How did this come to being, did he contact you or vice versa?

Gnaw Their Tongues are good friends. We met in 2009 in Amsterdam. The music has many dimensions and a collaboration was inevitable. It will be released in due course, when the moons align perhaps.

You have been touring a lot for years, playing with a lot of diverse and respected names. Does this band live to spread it’s message more through the live performances or from the albums, or both?

Both. Everything we do takes 200% input. Maximum volume yields maximum results right? We have also had the honour of touring with bands we grew up listening to.

DIS 03

Your live-performances are praised as much as your albums. Does your live-energy and atmosphere flow out of the band naturally, or are the shows in any way planned in advance?

It is a very natural combination. The atmosphere comes from the integrity of the music. It is a feeling and energy which exists between those involved.

You must have many truly interesting experiences from the road by now. Anything really specific come to your mind right now, like the weirdest stuff you’ve seen or been involved in?

We have had the honour of touring all over Europe, US and Japan, with some of the bands that we grew up listening to; Morbid Angel, Demigod, Rwake and Mayhem to name a few. There are many tales to tell; the German police, the Japanese police, and the US police come to think of it.

One of the most worn stories concerns our stay in Belgium a couple of years ago, the guys were smoking the last of the weed over a balcony at a hotel after the show. The balcony overhung another balcony and somehow the last joint ended up falling to floor of the balcony below. Moments later, the hoover was blasting. A few of them are holding the hoover by the cord lowering the body and trunk of the hoover side to side over the balcony trying to pick up the joint from the balcony below. It worked, to everyone’s surprise actually. Unfortunately, the hoover didn’t survive after joint was surgically removed.

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