Execration – Morbid Dimensions

(Duplicate Records, 2014)

Execration from Oslo have been around for about 10 years, and this is their third full-length. This is also their first album and work I’m hearing, and I must say too bad for that, since I’m liking their mentality and sound a lot.

The album starts with slow, quite Doomish Deathly parts, but not heavy in that traditional sense of the words, actually reminding a bit of older Tiamat or similar a bit more melodic and thin-sounding stuff,  before switching into a more aggressive double-bass Death Metal battering.

The music changes with ease from early nineties Death-feelings to Aura Noir -styled Thrashings, still keeping a certain old-school Swedish feeling present all the time. I am also hearing something from “Soulside Journey” in here as well, them being Norwegian and all. When it comes to diversity in the material of this album, the first song alone is like three songs in one, so you can expect the whole album to be full of magnificent magickal musical fireworks of Death, and not in vain.

The riffs are played quite high and melodic all the time, with tremolos working splendidly with the lower guitars and heavy clanking basses. The vocals are growling and shouting, in the middle of the pitch-chart, not totally low, quite original in performance and sound. Both guitarists of the band apparently share the vocals quite 50/50, creating a nice twisted atmosphere to the overall sound.

All the instruments and vocals are mixed very audible, making this album in that way kind of an opposite of the damp trends going on in the Occult Death Metal underground at the moment. The music is also performed extremely well, with all the different styles handled like these guys have been doing it since birth.

What makes this music stand out from the usual similar material however is a certain Psychedelia shining in the overall atmosphere, not in form of spacy or weird synths or guitar effects, and not always in the riffs either, but in the whole spectrum as one. The cover picture actually looks pretty much like the music sounds!

A highly recommended album for all fans of nineties Scandinavian Death Metal, who are not afraid of good sounds and a bit of Psychedelia (and some Blackened vibes) in their rotten lives! Especially for fans of Execration’s country men Katechon and Obliteration.

8.5/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Execration (Facebook)

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