Death Sigh Ritual – S/T

(Self-Released, 2014)

This is Ep form Ohio-based Death Sigh Ritual offers some raw and honest, yet very atmospheric and twisted slow and mid-tempo Black Metal. The music has been composed and produced by A. Octo who has been active in other projects as well.

The music doesn’t try to show off in any way, just being it’s honest self. Sometimes the guitar-riffs sound alone quite simple (there are many parts where you just enjoy listening to the sheer artistic insanity of the distorted riff), but are brought to higher spheres by overlapping melodies or awesome clear vocals. The riffs are mostly tremolo or picking in execution, quite melancholic and beautiful yet strangely twisted at the same time. There are also a bit more psychedelic vibes and effects at certain parts as well.

Cool and audible bass-lines suit the music very well and serve as reminder of the musicians skills of composition and handling his instruments. The drums are of the nature it doesn’t matter whether they are played by a human being or made with software etc. They sound organic enough, with sounds fitting the overall sounds well, only revealing the machine behind the sticks in a few faster parts of the Ep really.

The vocals sound quite original, like traditional Black Metal vocals (reminiscent of Carpathian Forest perhaps) actually sung by a tormented spirit. There are a few parts of very atmospheric synth and other effects, but not too much, keeping things interesting in that sense.

Sometimes the music reminds me of atmospheric twisted Black Metal of similar pace, like Mortuus, and sometimes I’m getting some “Gothic” vibes like Fields Of The Nephilim or Lacrimosa, sometimes the music is rocking almost in a 70’ies kind of way. Still the whole concept is original in the way it’s hard to point any direct influences or comparisons. The only problem with the songs are the arrangements, in the sense they tend to stop too early, to a wall. This Ep features so many original ideas, it could  have been made into a bit longer full-length in my opinion.

This is black and white Black Metal for those of us not into speed or blinding aggression, but into more slower and twisted realms of the Art. A very strong Ep from this band, I’m seeing good things happening to this project if the music stays the same in the future, yet of course progresses a bit as the case easily is with music like this once it discovers it’s own sound. This is definitely an almost ready package.

8/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Death Sigh Ritual (Facebook)

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