Artist Feature: Jan Swinburne

Visual artist Jan Swinburne is an interdisciplinary artist. She has always collected sounds and video-clips, and has recently started thinking of video as painting, or at least an extension of painting.

She’s interested in breaking images, like breaking waves. Jan’s video work addresses visual noise that makes sense, allowing pixilation and meta-exposure, and signal disturbances. She is drawn into making things that don’t exactly sync or look perfect in a computer graphic sense, as sometimes this imperfection feels warmer.

Light, waves and grids have been underlying themes in her work. There is direct influence from fractal chaos-theory and recurrent patterns, from units that seem to want to be a sequence but are not always obvious.

When it comes to painting, the materiality of the paint, its texture and how it is affected by light is central. Her work is designed to be responsive to shifting, natural light.

Because Jan is interested in working with art as segments that can be combined for installation purposes, that has lead her to consider each painting as a potential unit of simple code, be it Morse, piano roll, peak level indicators or simple random configurations with consistent dimensions.

She has also collaborated with musicians such as Ryan Campos, Kronofonika, and Philippe Gerber (JOHN 3:16).


Consensual Enigmas (a remix-project):



Jan Swinburne (.com)






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