ZOM – Flesh Assimilation

(Invictus Productions, 2014)

Ireland’s ZOM have made themselves a nice reputation already (since 2011) with their two Demos and an Ep, and people have been anxiously waiting for this full-length. The band has also played alongside great names, and apparently will continue to do so in the future.

The album starts with chaotic sinister-sounding electronic noisy effects before going straight to business, which is of course old school Death Metal with in my opinion some influences from a bit more bestial and chaotic types of Black Metal as well as Hardcore and Crust Punk. The main-style here is perhaps more precisely mostly early-nineties Death, relying heavily in D-beating and similar head-banging batterings, with other styles and parts of different styles scattered between the main riffs. Powerful broken drum-sounds, pounding distorted basses, extremely raw and ugly guitars with riffs fateful to the genres mentioned (with leads here and there indeed taking influence as much from Hardcore as from Death Metal of old, at least in my ears). The tempos and paces vary nicely in the songs keeping the whole spectacle moving and waving in interesting ways, but rarely going to really slow or fast speeds, although a few Doomier parts or intense chaotic bursts (bringing to my mind certain sadistik Aussies) spice up the insanity nicely. Between the songs we can hear electronic bridges sounding as much like an audial versions of the cover-picture as the main-songs themselves.

The reverberated vocals fit the whole euphoric nightmare extremely fine, being quite low but not total growling, bringing to my mind during the time of writing late eighties stuff from bands like Doom and Napalm Death besides certain old Death Metal bands of early nineties such as Entombed.

This is an awesome display of magnificent Death Metal art made by people who understand the art of low-fi soundscapes in music like this. Although extremely raw, ugly and crusty, the sounds are still good in the way you can hear the riffs and small details in the drums fairly well. Warm and damp primal swamps meeting cold and dry unhuman metal.

This album is a psychedelic blessing in form of an awesome psychic attack from the unknown chaotic and hostile reaches of the multiverse for those of us who love our old-school Death Metal raw, crusty, ugly, menacing and pounding, and love our Teitanblood and Nihilist as much as our Extreme Noise Terror.

8.5/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

ZOM (Facebook)

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