Clark – S/T

(Warp Records, 2014)

This is the eighth album Chris Clark has released under Warp Records during the last thirteen or-so years, and the first I’m hearing, which is a shame, since I really dug his style right from the start.

The music of this self-titled album is made mostly with deep and reverberating bass-sounds, hissing hats and thick kicks, drony and soft but heavy synth-leads, glitchy and glimmering (sometimes percussive, sometimes noisy) vintage Electro-synth-aesthetics, bongos below the floor and steelpans and pianos like stars glittering in the roof of some dark damp chamber, and everything in between. If the hallways of some ancient temple were made of futuristic metal decorated with scriptures in neon, this album would be their audial version. I’m also getting House- or Techno-versions of Calypso-music in some outer space night club.

The music rolls on nicely, song after song of personal and unique pieces of art. The amount of material and sounds on the album makes it a highly entertaining masterpiece with lots of re-listening value. This stuff works amazingly well played both from your headphones or at a club. Classy as hell, a must for fans of for example Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, Flying Lotus and Lone.

9/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Clark (Facebook)

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