Jason Louv (Editor) – Ultraculture Journal

(Ultraculture Incorporated, 2014)

Jason Louv (also the editor of the books Generation Hex and Thee Psychick Bible, and the administer of the blog Ultraculture), has compiled a wonderful collection of essays and other text-material related to modern visions of Magick, it’s practice and the culture around it.

This is a book for the modern Magician, for the ones into (besides their classic sources of global spiritual traditions) Psychology and Neurology, into Physics and Psychedelics, into (of course) Aleister Crowley, William Burroughs, Timothy Leary, Jack Kerouac, Aldous Huxley, Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Hakim Bey and others. For those of us into Selfhypnosis and Kabbalah, NLP and Sigil-Magick merged with ancient Asian symbology. Reading about Singularity, Transhumanism and Cyberpunk while sitting besides a funeral pyre by the shore of Ganges or the lighthouse of Alexandria. This is Chaos Magick.

The opening speech by Jason Louv, and the first chapter (an essay by Genesis P. Orridge) are enough alone to acquire this book, explaining the point of relevant Magick today, in my opinion.

Other highlights include Lalitanath’s “The Amoral Way of the Wizard” which is a story about a Canadian woman’s search for her Guru in India, “A Grammary” by Jason Louv where he describes his vast experiences on the most usual themes of Western Magick, Shivanath’s “Eternalicious” splendid informative guide in Meditation, Tantra and Magick from the perspective of a Nath or Yogi (sharing his experiences on engaging life with a goal in total Unity, ending in a splendid analyze of Maurice Gibb’s famous lyrics), Dawe Lowe’s amazingly detailed and fascinating stories of travelling amongst the trekkers, spiritual seekers, stoners and freaks in Nepal, Ladakh and different parts of India (ending in experiencing a tsunami in the Maldives), and Brion Gysin’s tales of his travels in search of the legendary Hassan i Sabbah’s mountain fortress of Alamut.

Originally published in 2007, this revised 2014 edition is highly recommended to all into above-mentioned topics, or just plain “weird” journalism in the vein of classic Adam Parfrey’s Apocalypse Culture -books.


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