Impetuous Ritual – Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence

(Profound Lore Records, 2014)

As those with knowledge of the extreme Metal underground know, this Australian Death Metal band features members of the much appraised Portal. However, it’s difficult to say if Portal (being an older band) has influenced this band or have the members brought something from this band to Portal, so we’ll let the music do the talking.

The style of Death Metal performed on this album is quite similar to that found on the Portal-albums, with the same barbaric and bestial drumming, murky and damp low guitars, low almost spoken-like growls, and overall mercilessly whirling chaos. The overall atmosphere and sounds are in fact so much along the same lines with the logics of Portal, I’d like to think of this band as the more “clear” version of Portal. However, what makes Portal so unique in peoples ears, eyes, and minds, is the insolent terrific low-fi mock of music (while still being extremely well performed) and visual horror the band is an embodiment of in all areas, but if you have ever wished that band would be a bit more “audible”, here is your answer.

Most songs are fast and technical in nature, with twisting hooks and overall awesome playing, clocking around 3-4 minutes, but there are also longer parts and songs of “Doomier” stuff. The long slower parts tend to get almost (but not quite) boring compared to the faster raging, but being so flowing and psychedelic in nature, they end up working well with the rest of the material. Sounds of bells and similar only add to the atmosphere, taking me to underground temples of some weird astral planes. The vocals, although extremely cool in sounds and performance, are of little importance on this album when it comes to lyrics, since it’s mostly inaudible. And when (after a sermon of growls) a higher scream or yell enters your ears, you really don’t give a fuck about lyrics, so cool are they. However, I’m sure the lyrics have been written by an intelligent and artistic hand, so the true fan will of course be interested in them.

It’s true Australian extreme Metal is usually known for it’s worship of insanity and bestial Thrashing chaos, but the style Impetuous Ritual have is something so outerworldly artistic and psychedelic (when speaking of ultra-brutal Death Metal), I am left speechless yet orgastic after this album ends. 48 minutes of sheer devastating Death Metal magick is what awaits those well armed in their mental realms.

If you love Teitanblood and wish Portal was not quite as low-fi it usually is, seek no further.

9/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

Impetuous Ritual (Facebook)

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