[ówt krì] – Incarcerated

(Cursed Tapes, 2014)

Kennet K. returns with [ówt krì], this time around with a 28 minute Tape-release. The last release from Kenneth I listened to was “The New Seed”, having a very beautiful and colourful Ambient feeling to it, with multiple layers of deep, warm and soft sounds creating beautiful psychedelic mental paintings in my psyche. This music is however a bit different. While having the trademark [ówt krì] -feeling and logic in it (familiar from earlier work), this stuff is quite cold and harsh, almost black and white.

This stuff reminds me of the anxious machines of the human mind, industrialised beats and pulses hammering like the unforgiving society on the individual, walking between the cold grey buildings inhabited by strange ghosts. Pendulums of metal giving the rhythm of the lonely march, inhaling poisonous gases while mercury flows in my ears and veins, I am taken to a cold and inexcusable yet strangely compelling world. Although technical in nature, while nothing too futuristic, quite organic actually, this is modern dark Ambient flirting with ease with Industrial and Noise. Always splendidly crafted and performed, a true show of skill and vision, in all it’s simplicity and class (in style, yet not in content). To me, this is a soundtrack to the unpleasentness of the working man’s fears in this calculating capitalist society, yet cool, alluring and tempting in it’s own coarse way. The electric guitars merge well with the beats, Ambient synth sounds and effects, creating a natural yet synthetic and harsh atmosphere.

Although the whole release is a brilliant display of musical skill and talent, this will not necessarily appeal to the more sensitive listener. However, those who are not afraid to face themselves (or their masks forged by this society) in the mirror, to lose themselves to some pain, and be purified in a cathartic way, will find in these songs after-work entertainment much better than watching TV.

9/10 – Antti Mikonmäki

[ówt krì] (Facebook)

Cursed Tapes (Facebook)

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