Death Grips – Fashion Week

(Self Released, 2015)

Since they released their first mixtape “Exmilitary” in 2011, Death Grips has attracted open-minded listeners of different musical backgrounds and preferences (for example from fans of traditional Hip Hop to Hardcore and Electronic music) with their diverse and extremely Experimental form of Hip Hop. Although highly recognisable and quite low-fi in nature, relying on the weird electronics of Andy Morin, the organic highly skilful and rhythmic drumming of Zach Hill, and the aggressive and original rapping of Stefan Burnett, Death Grips has managed to deliver songs of great variation on their highly acclaimed albums “The Money Store”, “No Love Deep Web” and “Government Plates”.

With a history “drama” such as the case of leaking their album online due to debates over the release-date with their label, or cancelling a tour, it came as no surprise to many when the band announced their disbandment in 2014, with their double-album “The Powers That B” being their last. As the first half of the double-album, “Niggas On The Moon”, was released last June, people have been anxiously waiting for the second half “Jenny Death”. However, to the surprise of many, the band released an instrumental album free (again) online titled “Fashion Week”. The album consists of fourteen tracks, with initials at the end of the song-titles spelling “JENNYDEATHWHEN”, hinting the album to possibly be a kind of a promotion of the upcoming final (?) album.

The album delivers the classic Death Grips sound familiar from all their previous releases, with perhaps more emphasis on what’s actually going on in the songs musically, due to lack of vocals. It’s also possible these eventful songs were supposed to have vocals, and they only seem a bit more “musical” since the vocals of Burnett are not here to distract our minds even further. And distracting the music of Death Grips is indeed for those who want “peace and equilibrium” into their lives, but for those of us shaking hands with all the angels and demons of our psyche, the tunes of Death Grips serve as a perfect soundtrack to our days, or if listened intently, deliver amazing roller-coaster-like trips of thousands of colours as intense and psychedelic sounds.

Low-fi electronic sounds and weird intense melodies fuse with the organic (yet electronic-sounding since mostly played with electronic drums) drumming, sometimes slow and almost hypnotic, sometimes fast technical and jamming, but always excessive and extraordinary in the special deathly gripping way. From Hip Hip to Industrial and even electronic Hard Rock, extremely good!

Anxiously waiting for “Jenny Death”.

Fashion Week (Streaming)

Death Grips (Facebook)

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