[ B O L T ] + Ewaldt – Collaboration Tape

(Wolves And Vibrancy Records, 2014)

The German duo of [ B O L T ] has released a couple of full-lengths, as well as a split, a remix-album of their work made by other artists, and two collaboration-releases, of which this Tape made with Ewaldt is the newer one. On the works of their own, [ B O L T ] has used two basses to create (usually) long and hypnotic Drony Ambient works of art, bringing their abstract world here with them, while Ewaldt focuses more in creating more traditional and beat-oriented style of Electronic music, classy and cool at some parts, soft and beautiful at some, while the rest is quite Industrialized and harsh.

The beats are mostly calm and repeating in a Downbeat-kinda way, nothing too complex, with sounds reminding me of nineties (and why not modern) IDM, sometimes going a bit more aggressive. The synths deliver thin, high and etherial almost howling sounds and beautiful simple melodies, floating and moving above a sea of Drone and quite Noisy Industrial-like clanky rhythmic ambience. The low, humming and crackling waves of sound produced by the basses, synths and effects work extremely well in contrast with the beats, and the softer and lighter music.

Sometimes sounding like a harsh (yet not distressing) factory, sometimes like an electronic forest full of life, these songs deliver different calming and sensitive atmospheres of awesome quality, despite the harshness and kind of black-and-white (grey) aesthetics of the whole. If you’re into bands like (modern) Ulver, Sunn O))), or if the catalogue of for example Warp Records usually pleases you ears, you’ll most likely find this release extremely worthwhile. I also urge you to check out other music done by both artists.

Wolves And Vibrancy Records

[ B O L T ]


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