Utu Lautturi – Nielu

(Pale Noir, 2015)

I first heard the Finnish Ambient musician Utu Lautturi in the form of his collaboration (with two artists) “Arcane Pyres” (released by Cursed Tapes last year), which featured awesome soundscapes of Hindu-like spirituality. The Aghori-themes of the release were captured magnificently in the music with the use of Ambient and Noise textures and different organic acoustic instruments.

On this his latest release, Utu Lautturi moves (in my opinion) more in the spiritual landscapes of our native country, again with a vast collection of instruments of traditional qualities. Pianos, organs, chimes and various string-instruments sound in perfect harmony with different kinds of gentle Ambient sounds, full of texture. The music of the acoustic instruments is not completely Scandinavian in nature, with feelings here and there in the form of sounds and singing reminding of the Orient, which brings universality to the overall atmosphere of the songs. The Electronically produced sounds vary from extremely vintage-sounding synths to light Drone and soft (and partly violent) Noise. Also spoken and sung vocals in Finnish can be heard, suiting the music splendidly. Various sound effects also take the music strongly to cinema-like realms.

The melodies played by the instruments are imaginative and original, nothing too complex, but as they mostly sound with feelings of (modern and traditional) experimental Classical music, I could picture other terms of classification for this kind of music besides just “Ambient”.

As the atmosphere of the album is mostly melancholic, I am constantly taken to the natural landscapes and wooden cottages of my home country (in a positive and cathartic reviving way), but on some songs the music takes me to some mystical undefined Eastern lands, such as in the case of artists like Dead Can Dance. Because of the soundtrack-like nature of the music, there are many moments when I forget I am listening to music, but rather feel like I am watching an inner film.

This release is highly recommended for everyone into Ambient, Ethnic, Experimental Classical or Soundtrack music.

Utu Lautturi (Facebook)

Pale Noir (Bandcamp)

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