Anilah – Warrior

(Self-Released, 2014-2015)

Anilah, a creation of Dréa Drury from British Columbia, released her album “Warrior” a year ago (January 2014), which featured 36 minutes of high quality (in atmospheres, feelings and production) Shamanic “Ethnic” music, mainly composed and performed by Dréa. The comparisons with Dead Can Dance are not wrong when describing the music, as Dréa’s voice brings to mind a Northern Shamanic (Native American as well as some Scandinavian vibes) version of Lisa Gerrard’s singing. Many layers  of Ambient synths, percussions, effects of nature, and of course the beautiful skilful singing summon forth strong vibrant sceneries of vast majestic landscapes of mountains and woodlands, and Shamanic rituals. Few Metallic parts spice up the title-track here and there, as they are done totally in a non-disturbing way, yet there is not a need for more of the Metal-elements either. The music is compared to TOOL as well, something I can understand totally, since there is something very similar in the arrangement and growth of the songs (especially the title-track), and Dréa’s voice can also remind of the singing style of Maynard James Keenan quite often.

The new Revisited version of the song Warrior is a collaboration with Einar Selvik of Wardruna, featuring more (male) vocals and strings among other additional stuff. This version is not clearly better than the original one, but a bit different, perhaps showing a bit more the soundscapes where Anilah is heading in the future. And we will be looking forward for future material most definitely.

For those into above mentioned artists, as well as beautiful and skilful female singing and inner Shamanic landscapes, and masterfully performed and produced soundscapes in general!


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