Carpenter Brut – EP III

(Self-Released, 2015)

Carpenter Brut released their first Ep in 2012, the second in 2013, and now the (undoubtedly highly anticipated) third one, offering the same style of 80’ies Electro Synthwave (with a modern touch) as the previous two releases.

The thing with the Retro-stuff these days is, that while most artists rely on the typical soundscapes (depending on the style in question), few actually manage to create cool compositions or catchy and thoughtful song-structures as well. With having heard only a handful of artists of this kind (compared to the overall amount of artists these days, I guess), I believe Carpenter Brut falls in the more thoughtful category.

The material on this Ep varies from apocalyptic and intense (violent even) feelings to more calm and “romantic” saxophone-spiced 80’ies atmospheres, yet always sounding quite like the audial version of the ominous visual aesthetics of the band. The synth-sounds used to create the stuff range from slapping or trance-like basses, appropriate moogy and arpeggio melodies, intense drumbeats (with the awesome 80’ies fills), orchestra-like synth-strings, organs or electric guitar-sounds, and a few vocoder parts. The song “Anarchy Road” also features clear male singing.

The whole experience often feels like an eighties action-movie or an Amiga-game (if anyone remembers what those sounded like), with a clear modern touch. The soundscapes are a combination of on the other end quite high and ethereal sounds, and on the other end quite low, bassy, drony, fuzzy sounds. A match made in 80’ies heaven. The production is also very good when considering the style in question.

I’m not sure if this Ep is meant to be a final part of a trilogy, and whether or not Carpenter Brut is planning a full-length album next, but whatever the case may be, the future (as the past) looks extremely good for this band.

Carpenter Brut (Facebook)


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