I Put A Time Bomb In Your Submarine

(Bearsuit Records, 2014)

This remix album features reworkings of a vast collection of past material by various artists signed to Bearsuit Records, made by an international group of talented producers and musicians.

The mostly Experimental material varies from quite Pop Electronica to more etherial Psychedelic or Ambient stuff, with many songs featuring elements of modern and older IDM, soft Noise and gentle Industrial as well (and for example one song featuring awesome Chamberlike Orchestra-sounds and one song cheesy Electric Guitar synth-sounds), with grooves and beats ranging from Glitchy stuff to Hip and Trip Hop and everything in between. Not all song feature vocal-parts, but the ones that do, fit the overall atmosphere splendidly. As the amount of material on this release is so vast, it’s quite pointless to try to categorize this release much in terms of genres or styles.

However, the remixes follow mostly a rather similar fun and groovy mentality, making this a solid and balanced release, perfectly suitable for (for example) background music while working or throwing parties. There are very few boring moments (if none) among the huge amount of material presented. The quality is altogether excellent, reflecting the great skills of the people involved in this project.

It is great to notice there are fresh labels who can compete in quality with well-known labels such as Ninja Tune or Warp Records. As there are so many artists and songs on this release, it’s best to check out the stuff for yourself, if you’re interested in quality playful Experimental Electronic musick!


Bearsuit Records


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