Mass Hypnosis – Sanctimonious

(Self-Released, 2014)

Mass Hypnosis from Croatia have been doing their groovy and Crusty Industrial Death Metal since 2006, and have released two EPs and two full-lengths, this release being the second full-length.

There is a strong nineties feeling to the music on this album, with drumming, guitars and vocals reminding of bands such as Nailbomb, “Chaos A.D.” and “Roots” era Sepultura, Ministry, Fear Factory, and similar nineties giants.

The beats are mostly quite (but not too) technical, twisting, turning and groovy, and the fact that they sound very organic and slightly off-beat (rather than mechanized and unhuman) gives the cool living Crusty feeling to the music. The guitars are hard, shredding and mostly damping, fitting the beats perfectly. The vocals consist of lower aggressive shouting and higher screaming, creating a cool, fresh, original and dynamic atmosphere. The music is backed up by cool synth-sounds of various Electronic and Orchestral nature (done with great skill), and many samples taken from political speeches and classic movies. To raise this album to an even higher pedestal, (just like the performance on the musicians on all areas) the overall production of the album is very good.

If you’re into Nailbomb or wished that there would be a Crustier version of Fear Factory, seek no further. I personally enjoy the musical, lyrical and visual style, as well as the attitude and agenda of the band very much!

Mass Hypnosis (Official)



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