Sound Awakener – September Traveler

(Self-Released, 2015)

Sound Awakener is an Ambient-project by Vietnamese musician Nhung Nguyễn, whom has released quite a lot of similar kind of music in the past few years alone. Although the songs on this release are recorded in 2011 and 2012, they are topical now as they provide a soundtrack to Madrid-born photographer Irene Cruz’s exhibition “What Dreams Are Made Of”, taking place in Berlin from 6th to 18th of February, 2015.

The music fits perfectly in the world of the photography of Irene Cruz, with it’s hazy and misty dreamlike visual ambience. The songs feature many acoustic sounds of for example the piano or music-box-like chimes, some of them field-recordings, surrounded by soft yet Noisy and Drony veils and layers of psychedelic sound. Haunting and beautiful at the same time, the music creates visions of misty woods or jungles, with high sleeping trees raising towards the light and foggy sky. The sceneries of the songs move and turn like in a dream, with the logic of a mind deep asleep yet constantly experiencing deep emotions. The spontaneous playing and the unique ghostlike melodies lead the listener deeper into the dream, like a child wandering in the woods towards some eerie light. The experience is however very cleansing and beautiful in nature, suiting marvelously as the background of a psychedelic mediation session or an art exhibition, as is the case.

The soundscapes of the songs, although recorded at different times, fit perfectly together as an album, with a clear theme. While being quite distorted at times, the overall quality of these recordings is very high when it comes to Drone or atmospheric Ambient, making this a highly recommended collection of songs for anyone into atmospheric music of these styles.

I also urge you to check out other releases by Sound Awakener, and the photography and art of Irene Cruz.

Sound Awakener (Bandcamp)

Sound Awakener (Facebook)

Irene Cruz (Official)

Irene Cruz (Facebook)

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