Apócrýphos – The Prisoners Cinema

(Cyclic Law, 2015)

Born from the ashes of Psychomanteum, Apócrýphos (crafted by the solitary member Robert C. Kozletsky) delivers very slow-moving yet elevating intense Ambient music. The music on this album is made mostly of etherial choir-like and orchestral sounds, soft and cold Noise and Drone, various sample-like effects, and extremely high and low frequencies from the synths balancing the misty, high and deep atmospheres.

The inner sceneries on this release range from wandering in some vast forgotten halls and long turning corridors or touching the walls of claustrophobic chambers (perfectly reminiscent of the cover-art of the album), to swimming to the far corners of the known space and beyond. I can see how this album has been intended to be a sensory deprivation tank -like experience, shutting off the outside world and the chatter in ones mind, drifting into more expanded awareness within, like slowly floating out from the Plato’s cave in a sleep-like yet alert state.

The nature of the songs are quite similar to each other, rising and falling like waves of cosmic dust in extremely slow motion, raising spectacles of drama from one’s own subconscious. With a length of over an hour, this album is guaranteed to grant the patient listener moments of release or flashes of horror, working splendidly as a soundtrack to a long cleansing meditation-session or a cathartical ritual, purification through exposure to ones fears and utter solitude. A highly recommended purchase to all fans of Ambient-music.

Apócrýphos (Facebook)

Cyclic Law

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