Au-Dessus – S/T

(Godz Ov War / Third Eye Temple / Witching Hour Productions, 2015)

This young (founded 2014) Lithuanian band really surprised me positively from the first minutes of hearing this their self-titled first album. The members have been involved in the Death Metal band Paralytic, so the members definitely know what they are doing music-wise.

Although the building-blocks of the music in themselves are nothing unheard of, consisting partly of quite the typical riffing found in the numerous modern “dissonant” Black Metal bands of today and partly from the numerous bands playing Post-Metal, the way in which the band executes their songs is highly energetic, imaginative and of great quality. Although the music might be crafted out of not-so-original material, the song-structures and ideas of arrangements make this album unique and classy.

The drum-beats switch from quite groovy jamming to fast blasting and to Doomy atmospheres (and everything in between), played with great technical skill and lots of small details all the time. The guitars and basses do their job with great skill as well, showing the talents of the musicians when it comes to different styles of extreme Metal. The vocals are not in any way in a lead role in the music, but sound atmospheric and unique in their Blackened screaming (bringing the Post-elements to their music on their part as well). The production and mixing of the album is top-notch.

The songs contain very few boring parts, with the songs throwing new and actually unexpected cards on the table on every turn, keeping things highly interesting. The listener is astonished by the great playing of the instruments as much as the amount of ideas in the songs, while enjoying the strikingly atmospheric vibes of the music.

A very entertaining listening experience, recommended to all fans of technical Blackened and Post-Metallic atmospheres. Expect great things from these dudes! As the band-name suggests, these guys certainly have potential in standing above the most.

Au-Dessus (Facebook)

Godz Ov War (Facebook)

Third Eye Temple (Facebook)

Witching Hour Productions

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