Josef Dvorak Feat. Fuckhead + Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – Sous l’Arbre De Science

(WKN, 2014)

It has been years since Albin Julius went totally Psychedelic with his previously more Martial-sounding band Der Blutharsch, but there are still aspects in the music reminiscent of the previous incarnations, namely the Ambient, cinematic and soundtrack-like elements and general unerring atmosphere. In other words, the latest recordings still sound like Der Blutharsch above all else.

This collaboration-release with the Viennese “Satanologist” (and co-founder of the art-movement  Wiener Aktionismus) Josef Dvorak, and Viennese Experimental Electronic Performance artists Fuckhead, offers partly Ritualistic Ambient sceneries of sound, partly slow-moving (or a bit faster) seventies- and eighties-sounding Rock with strong old-school Electronic elements. Some organic-sounding percussion-sounds and other effects spice up the mix of otherwise quite Psychedelic guitar, bass, and synth-oriented experience. All the sounds are nicely of very vintage nature. The speeches of Josef Dvorak fit the music very well, or vice versa.

For all fans of the previous work of Albin Julius, or lovers of vintage (or “retro”) Psychedelia of Rock and Electronic nature, this release is worthy of purchase in Mini-CD or 10” formats, while waiting for a possible next full-length album and other future adventures of Albin Julius (and comrades).

Der Blutharsch (Facebook)


Der Blutharsch (Store)

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