Occult 45 – Human Abhorrence

(Broken Limbs Recordings, 2015)

This Grindcore crew from Philly has been doing their art for a couple of years, now displaying their hatred in a form of a 7”, which is an awesome display of their art. The band doesn’t offer the technical and ultra-fast type of Grind most people are most likely used to (these days), but more of the good old eighties-style banging, bringing a pleased smile to our faces who grew up with albums like “Scum”. What makes Occult 45 special is however their mixing of Grind with Sludge and Doom-riffs and appropriate beats.

The soundscape of this release is made of awesome crunchy distorted guitars full of Death Metal, Stoner and Doom feeling, backed by the low crushing bass. The drum-sounds are for once actually fucking brilliant in relation to the rest of the sounds, working well in the slow as well as fast parts. Some Noise-elements and parts here and there spice things up, fitting the other music perfectly. The vocals are performed with an amazing amount of feeling and strength, reminding also of the golden age of Grindcore and the first Napalm Death records on Earache. The seven songs on this release are full of diverse and thoughtful parts, brought forth by a group of skilled musicians who clearly know what they are doing.

This release offers a very positively fresh (yet old-school) and powerful mixture of Grindcore, Powerviolence, Hardcore, Sludge and Doom, only 13 minutes in length but a very impressive display of the bands talent and ideas. I am definitely waiting for more releases form these dudes.

Occult 45 (Facebook)

Broken Limbs Recordings

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