Exhumation – Opus Death 

(Morbid Bastard Records, 2014 / Dunkleheit Produktionen, 2015)

Exhumation from Indonesia (formed in 2008) offered some very high quality old-school Death Metal on their first full-length “Hymn To Your God” in 2012. While this release sounds like something done in the nineties (with influences of many countries apparent in the music), there is a strong feeling of originality present, in addition to the obvious genuine Death Metal worship detectable in all parts of the music. On their latest full-length album “Opus Death” the band goes even more old-school with their choices of Death, bringing more of the eighties to the sound.

From the first minutes of the album, the music roars, storms, and churns with the true intensity and passion of the eighties Thrash and Death bands, instantly bringing to mind albums like “Seven Churches”, or newer stuff of the nineties like Sadistic Intent or Aura Noir. There is also a powerful Black Metallic “Occult” feeling in the music, reminding of more recent releases by Blackened Death bands such as Venenum and Excoriate. The technical and changing (in tempo, beats and riffs) elements in the music however summon these reeking hymns above all else from the realms of classic Death Metal.

Compared to the previous full-length, this album sounds much more older and low-fi, like recorded at the rehearsal place. It is not as “bad” (in a good way) as, let’s say Katharsis, altho there is a similar logic present, meaning more murkier and reverberating equals more shivers and obscure vibes. The amount of effects and the “bad” production however only do the music more good in the case of Exhumation, making the soundscapes most likely the first thing to capture the attention of possible true fans of the music.

The guitars and basses are played with such Thrash, Death and Black expertise, they are sure to deliver what they are meant to deliver, which is hordes of awesome appropriate riffs full of feeling and amazing compositions, enough to fill a full-length with dozens of unforeseen twist and turns while keeping your head banding (in a ritual chamber) all the way. The drums are played with great skill and feeling as well, regardless of the style (of the riff) in question, fitting the music perfectly. One of the coolest drum-performances I’ve heard in awhile. The vocals are the rotten cherry on top, sounding just as sinister as needed in music like this, taking something from Death, Thrash and Black Metal alike to the great magical work.

Without counting an interlude and an outro, this album delivers about 35 minutes of such whipping it’s rare to come across music done with so much passion (and skill) these days. A must hear for all fans of well-played (but not necessarily well-produced which is a naturally a good thing in cases like this) old-school obscure Death, Thrash and Black Metal, making this band a true force to be reckoned with in the future. The Cassette-version has been out since September of 2014 (Morbid Bastard Records), while the CD-version will be out in April 2015 (Dunkleheit Produktionen).

Exhumation (Facebook)

Dunkleheit Produktionen

Morbid Bastard Records

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