Halshug – Blodets Bånd

(Southern Lord, 2015)

Only two years of age, Halshug from Copenhagen certainly know what they are doing. This release from reliable old Southern Lord delivers one of the most energetic in-your-face Crust and D-beat you’ve heard. There is something of that simple early nineties (and older) Scandinavian (a bit Metallic) Hardcore going on here as much as the traditional eighties UK-Crust-vibes, with every riff and minute spent in delivering only the most kick-ass Punk-beating. The tempos never rise too high or sink too low, with a steady uncompromising feeling flowing throughout the songs.

What makes this release special however, is the low-pounding sounds and mix used with the energetic riffs, reminding of stuff like the amazing Hoax mixed with classic stuff like Doom or Extreme Noise Terror. Still there is a clear “Rocking” vibe present in the execution of the riffs and songs in general, adding to the originality of the band. This release would be most likely very good with a different mix as well, although the low frequencies fit the style of Punk in question perfectly. Also the great performance of the low shouting vocals, and the handling of all the instruments, are one of the best ever heard in music like this. Halshug are most likely an amazing band live as well.

If your favourite (extreme) modern Punk bands include names (besides the above-mentioned) such as Wolfbrigade, Baptists or Skitsystem you won’t be disappointed with this album.



Southern Lord

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