Fell Ruin – Devices

(Self-Released, 2015)

Fell Ruin emerges from the Motor City of Detroit, a city easily assimilated with Rap Music or Hardcore Punk (or Hockey), delivering their style of Blackened Death Metal (or vice versa) on this their first release. Although the style they have chosen has many similarities with the current “Occult (or Spiritual)” Black Metal trend, it must be emphasized from the start this band can stand on it’s original-enough own feet without a need to be associated with the more obvious currents (if they choose not to).

The music consists mainly of fast almost Grinding blasts, a bit slower Death Metal beating, and Sludgy Doomy parts. The production and performance sounds just enough natural to seem like coming from the rehearsal place, although the sounds and mixing of all the instruments is very good and professional, and the band performs extremely well on all areas. All the individual instrument-sounds are very heavily to my liking, from the weighty hard hitting but clanking merciless drums, to the violent yet ethereal guitars and pounding basses. I am enjoying especially the sinister-sounding vocals reminding of both Black and Death Metal.

Although the music seems very Blackened at a quick listen, it has actually more in common with the logics of for example early nineties Death Metal, adding to the honesty of the band. The riffs might not be the most original around but in the realm of Death and Black Metal they are (along with the overall arrangement of the songs) nicely imaginative, while staying within the borders of the two musical styles represented.

Clocking about 26 minutes (just enough to act as a full-length) this release functions as an awesome demonstration of the talent and skill this band has, and I would be amazed if they wouldn’t secure a deal with this one (if that is their agenda). Fell Ruin show splendidly that you don’t always have to be so fucking obscure, murky and dissonant to produce intelligent-sounding Blackened Death Metal with truly magickal qualities. Let’s hope they continue to do their own honest music in the future as well, staying true to the roots of the styles they have chosen.



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