Profanator – Mvtter Vicivm

(Chaos Records, 2015)

This the third full-length of Mexican Thrashers Profanator since their formation in 1999. The main man behind the band, Antimo Bounano, has had a very profilic career in the Mexican and global extreme Metal underground for about 20 years (at least), which shows in the determination and knowledge of his performances in various bands, which include names like Hacavitz and Castleumbra.

The style of Thrash Profanator perform is quite traditional, in the eighties German sense, with a very fresh modern feel to it, bringing a bit to mind even bigger bands like Toxic Holocaust when considering the amount of traditionality of style updated to this century. Also the Punk-influences are very notable here just as in the case of the above mentioned band, but that’s where the similarities end, as Profanator is a far more technical, intense and aggressive beast.

The overall sounds of the album are clear and somehow electronic-sounding even, as well as gritty and guttural. The cover art of the album fits the soundscapes splendidly, with it’s combination of black-and-white simplicity, pathologically sharp clear execution, and raspy deadly aggressive atmosphere.

The instruments are handled with the demanded skills and expertise, considering the fact that this is not your typical rehearsal-place-recorded retro-Black Thrash. This stuff is way ahead of your first Sodom-cover, making this a very fresh pleasurable listening-experience musically, yet not reducing the extreme underground feelings in the music. Also the huge amount of the already-mentioned Punk-aesthetics in the riffing lifts this Thrashing storm into even greater heights. The songs contain such an amount of awesome riffs, they are guaranteed to not leave you unsatisfied.

The drums thrash away like a swarm of bees, full of awesome double-bass-parts and fill-work. The string have indeed a very Hardcore Punky feel to them in addition to being Thrashy as fuck. The vocals especially are performed so Thrash-authentically, it makes 95% of the modern Thrash bands pale in comparison to the honesty and skill of the man behind the mic, as is the case with the execution of the other instruments as well.

The hateful and most likely quite social lyrical content, with song-titles like “Narcocracy”, bring to mind the daily violent struggle that is quite often more than normal in the various cities of Mexico, fitting the music style more than well.

If Hardcore Punk-influenced traditional and technical Thrash played at high speeds is your poison, look no further. One of the best Thrash-releases I’ve heard in a long time!

Profanator (Facebook)

Chaos Records (Facebook)

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