Deep Creeps – Crown Gall

(Self-Released, 2014)

I really have no clue about how life in Boise, Idaho is, but there must something profoundly twisted going on over there (consensually or unconsciously) if it makes dudes create stuff like this.

I’m not sure how long these Creeps have been active, but they sure know what they’re doing. Which is a very twisted and creepy form of groovy, Sludgy, noisy, Hardcore-driven, mathematical and Grinding extremely organic shit. In a very positive sense.

The drummer jams, twists and assaults away like a manic depressive on a totally wrong kind of medication. The guitarist and bassist have both been drinking too much Black Metal between their puffs of Eyehategod, which matters little since they both started snorting old Napalm Death immediately after getting out of the radioactive mutant-creating solarium where they usually pass out.

The songs of this album sound very natural and organic, like being performed live at a rehearsal place or a studio (which might be at least partly if not completely true), by a band who have a lot of experience in all the styles involved in this monster of a record, and play very well together. Very likely an awesome live band of course. The vocals screamed and shouted by both the guitarist and the drummer sound very (American) Hardcorish, with some elements of Powerviolence, Grindcore and even Black Metal going on there.

The sounds are grainy and guttural, yet warm and soft, heavy and sharp at the same time. From the snare-sounds to the extremely appropriate guitars and basses, the production of the album could not be much better for this stuff.

15 in-your-face songs in about 25mins, the way it was meant to be.

This stuff needs to be heard to be believed. If Hardcore, Noise Rock, Sludge, Mathcore and Grind work well together in your cup, then you absolutely positively have to check this band out, or you might miss the band of your dreams. Definitely one of my new favourite bands!

Deep Creeps


Sorry Sate Records

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