River Of Gennargentu – Taloro

(Talk About Records, 2015)

My new friend Lorenzo from Barbagia (Sardinia) performs classical (Delta) Blues straight from the heart, and straight from the roots and soil of the style. Armed with only his unique and cool Bluesy voice, an acoustic guitar and a DIY cigar box guitar, he has recorded these tunes at home. While the style itself is melancholic by nature (definition), the music and lyrics of this release reflect personal struggles and accidents with a very positive vibe (in general).

The authentic and natural feel of the composition and performance of the songs indeed bring to my mind the very beginnings of Blues, either on old recordings or as it is performed by true wizards of the craft in many bars across the States right now.

However, what makes the music of Lorenzo special, is his personal voice and the clear DIY-attitude radiating from the sounds of this Ep, as well as the fact that he comes from Sardinia and not the homelands of Blues, while the strong classic old Bluesy atmosphere surrounding my apartment while these recordings are playing reminds me of the Universality of Blues music.

It is clear to me, that when music such as this is performed straight from the heart, without too many extra tricks or high-quality production, it is authentic and full of feeling, regardless where it is composed and recorded. Such is the nature of true Blues, and this Ep is a perfect example of that.

The simplicity of the music is at the same time jamming and hypnotic, like sitting in a rocking chair at your porch watching the sunset, and the voice and lyrics of Lorenzo lead my mind inside many stories like being told by an old wise man full of the Blues. The cover-picture of this release suits the overall feeling of the music perfectly.

If you are a fan of the Blues-sound of old, or just wondering what the (eternal) hype is all about, you should definitely check out this Ep. Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from Lorenzo, may it be Blues or some other style of music.


River Of Gennargentu (Facebook)

Talk About Records

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