Subterror – Antropomortum

(Black Hole Productions, 2015)

Subterror from Brazil has been active since 2009, and that is all I know about the musical past (or ages) of the three members, although it is quite apparent they are highly experienced in the styles of extreme Punk and Metal.

As their Bio / Press-release states, “this is a commingling of early Bolt Thrower and Disrupt, or Dismember and Doom”, and I couldn’t have said it better myself, as the music is a perfect combination of albums like “In Battle There Is no Law!”, “Unrest”, “Left Hand Path”, and other early nineties Death Metal of more brutal nature. I’m also thinking of newer albums / style of bands like Suffocation, going classic American Crust / Grind, as their sound reminds me more of the States than for example Europe.

Just like their countrymen Sepultura did decades earlier, Subterror takes the essential elements of extreme Punk and Metal and merges them with such dedication and talent, I’m pretty sure even old man Cavalera himself would totally dig this stuff (if he hasn’t already heard it). This album rides on with the intensity and energy of a Wolfbrigade-record, stopping to take a breather as slower Death Metal at times, or taking a turn to Grind away with more technical riffs, still (usually) straight from the early nineties.

The drums are performed on the other hand with amazing natural organic humanlike grittiness of true Crust, and on the other hand with great technical preciseness of technical Death Metal, and the end result sounds like a hi-tech drum-computer programmed to sound “a bit too human”, meaning the playing fits this style of music perfectly. The playing is filled with awesome details in form of fills, and double-bass- and ride-work.

The guitars and basses have a similar authentic but good (while being distorted and heavy as fuck) sound such as modern Crusty Death bands like Acephalix and Vastum. The riffs are played with amazing skills, imagination and real authenticity. The vocals are a perfect combination of low Crusty shouting and Deathly growling, quite dry in nature, but extremely effective.

The individual instrument-sounds as well as the vocals each have a perfect sound to them, as does the overall mixing and the production of this album. It all really sounds as Deathly and Crusty as possible, yet having a high class feel into the overall sound reminding us of the possibilities of modern technology. In other words, this album is pounding, heavy and guttural as shit, while being clear and of high-quality at the same time, like watching an early black-and-white VHS-recorded Napalm Death gig remastered in HD.

To summarise my feelings of this 23min Ep: I haven’t been this excited about Crust Punk or Death Metal in many months. This Ep just has to be experienced by any fan of both worlds!


Subterror (Facebook)

Black Hole Productions

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