Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess

(Broken Limbs / Manatee Rampage Recordings, 2015)

Immortal Bird arose from the windy scenes of Chicago in 2013, and has already worked with such producers as Kurt Ballou, besides being critically acclaimed by various influential names in the music press. The band has also been touring a lot after their first album, and here we have their second full-length, presenting a band who at this point already know very well what they are capable of.

The album starts with technical drums and guitars combining picking and open strings, playing an avantgardish and dissonant-like riff, but instead of acting like a typical modern Black Metal band most likely would and staying with these eerie feelings, the music takes a turn with a D-beat towards a more Death Metallic and European Hardcorish approach, before exploding into Grindcore-blasting.

As the brilliant harsh screaming (not too low nor too high) female vocals enter picture, and the guitars stars shredding in an awesome way reminding of technical Thrash, we know we are in the presence of something really original. Other elements of the music (throughout the album) include the more American kind of Hardcore, Sludge and even Shoegaze.

The guitarwork on this album is really something special, combining many elements from the various styles mentioned before. The drumwork is really spectacular as well, with the various styles and elements played amazingly well, like Dillinger Escape Plan well. The sounds and production on this albums are of great quality but quite harsh, suiting the shredding sharp style of the music perfectly, and when the whole spectacle is spiced with the amazing extreme female vocals, I’m guessing the band doesn’t have to seek further for their style and sound.

If you consider yourself to be a person who would at same time like modern avantgardish Black Metal like Altar Of Plagues, Grindcore with female vocals such as Fuck The Facts, chaotic yet technical elements of extreme bands like Cleric, dosed with old-school and more modern aspects Death Metal and Hardcore (of both sides of the Atlantic), you are very much obligated to check this album and band out.

Broken Limbs

Immortal Bird (Facebook)

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