Kyy – Travesty Of Light

(Saturnal Records, 2015)

Kyy is a young Finnish Blackened Metal band, formed in 2013, and that is pretty much everything I know of them, altho I am (recently) in contact with the singer of the band.

While the cover-picture and the song titles of this debut EP might get lost into the sea of countless similar-styled bands of these times, their music fortunately does not.

Most of the first song of the EP reminds me of later Dimmu Borgir (in a positive way), and similar high-quality mid-tempo symphonic Black Metal, giving a very good picture of the playing skills and the imagination of the members of the band. And like a band they do sound, with all elements of the music fitting together perfectly. However, when the end of the song draws near, the tempo changes into more Rocking and Thrashing vibes, before ending in a blast-beat, showing a totally different side of the band. Luckily the same Thrashing (reminding me of Gorgoroth’s classic “Pentagram”) continues in the second song, soon switching naturally to the more slower and epic moods. The rest of the EP continues along the same lines, rarely going boring or repeating, since all the material is composed and arranged in a very entertaining yet not too pompous manner.

As mentioned above, all the members of the band handle their instruments with such skill, the otherwise theoretically mediocre music sounds amazingly majestic and even fresh to my ears, and believe me, I have heard pretty much everything since the early nineties. Also, the soundscapes and the production of the album fit the totality perfectly, quite warm and heavy but nicely distorted in nature, with great emphasis in individual instrument-sounds. From the basses to the reverbs of the snares, the EP sounds like being performed and produced by a professional group of people.

An extra mention must be made about the vocals, which are not only performed with great skills, but feature many different styles from growls to screaming, shouting, viking-style choirs, and cinematic speeches, all fitting the musical material very well.

The only negative aspect of this release is its short duration, as I’d gladly listen a full-length’s worth of this same stuff. Great things are coming to this band if they choose to take them!

This EP should appeal to especially the younger fans of modern Black Metal, but also to us older beards, reminding us of the great times now long gone, but also of the genuine feelings and skills of the younger generations.


Saturnal Records

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