Laino – Broken Seeds

(Self-Released, 2015)

Laino is a songwriter from Bologna, with great skills and innovation when it comes to the style of Blues Rock. Playing the Blues demands strong feelings coming straight from the heart, from the blood and sweat of everyday life, flowing in each note played and verse sung, and Laino certainly has these qualities.

This Ep has six songs which are all different from each other, unique and imaginative pieces, full of the Blues, performed with quite many instruments handled by Laino, such as the dobro guitar, diddley bow, electrified kalimba, percussions, but also the sounds of the baritone sax and clarinet (played by his backing band) spice up the authentic Bluesy atmosphere.

The sounds of these recordings are of very high quality, lifting this release above many other more raw-saunding recordings. Some might argue that with too high quality sounds the Bluesy feelings vanishes, but in the case of this Ep, the sounds do the music great justice. Also the clear Italian vibes of Laino’s surroundings colour this style of music greatly, adding even more flavour to the overall strong atmospheres. All the instruments are handled with great skills and feeling, and Laino’s voice and lyrics fit the music perfectly.

If you are into artists such as Tom Waits and Johnny Cash, or the art of the Blues in general, I strongly recommend you to check out this Ep. It is artists such as Laino who keep this artform alive, whether in the banks of the Mississippi or in the streets of Bologna.

Andrea Laino



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