Venetian Snares – Your Face

(Planet Mu, 2015)

Aaron Funk needs no fucking introductions, when it comes to the twisted, funny and intense genre of Breakcore, or “extreme” Electronic Music in general. With a catalogue of over twenty full-lengths and over twenty EPs, he has kept busy during his amazing career, playing of course awesome live-events as well.

Compared to the last full-length album “My Love Is A Bulldozer”, Aaron often goes into quite Aphex Twin-like logics and atmospheres with this his new material, with a feeling of electronic and synthetic minimalism and extreme complexity at the same time. The first released (streaming) song “Your Face When I Finally” sums up pretty nicely the style of the first two songs of this EP. While we are perhaps more used to hearing “organic” drum-sounds/samples in the Breakcore of Venetian Snares, this new material is often plain digital and electronic sounding.

The trademark chaotic and complex structures of the beats, bass-lines and melodies are still however strongly present, and while the older material often has perhaps more 8-Bit “Nintendo”-like sounds in addition to the orchestral sounds Aaron loves so much, these synth-sounds making a lot of the music do not sound exactly as retro or symphonic, but more like being crafted out of nothing into a unique and high-quality entity.

There are of course some of the familiar “traditional” Breakcore sounds, grooves and beats from previous releases still strongly present, especially in and after the third song “Red Orange 2”, as well as the random Hardcore-parts, and Aaron’s twisted vocal-parts and other samples. The going gets a bit calmer towards the end of the album, still keeping things highly eventful and interesting.

This EP functions as a great (different) fresh follow-up after the last album, as well as a good introduction to Aaron’s music. In terms of creativity and awesomeness of sounds, Electronic Music rarely gets better than this.



Planet Mu

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