Angoisse – Demo 2015

(Self-Released, 2015)

There was a time called the early- and mid-nineties, when Black Metal (compared to, let’s say, Death Metal) sounded original. Actually, most of the more known bands all sounded unique and individual. Original. Which is the opposite of the bands of today. I often hear young people into this kind of shit saying how “modern Black Metal is a perfected form of this art”, but I say fuck that. It’s just sheepish, trendy, and boring. Every time some band comes up with a cool and “unique” idea, hundreds of others emerge with the exact same idea. And I’m extremely bored with the whole pattern. That is why my attention often turns to bands whom may not sound or look as “good” as the more trendy ones, but still have the youthful (despite their actual age) fire of the nineties burning in their music, besides the elements of the original Black Metal styles musically. Angoisse from Bordeaux is one of those bands.

This is their first Demo, clocking around 15 minutes, and what a cool Demo it is. Some might argue the style of Black Metal they play comes from a more Punk-oriented realm, which is true, but from what realm do you think early Bathory or Venom came from?

To me, there is a strong feeling of Gorgoroth’s “Pentagram” present on these song, as well as the dark and apocalyptic feeling of Anarcho- and Crust-bands like Amebix. In fact the music often sounds like Disrupt played on half-speed. Also some Heavy Metal elements are present, although the music is mostly carried by D-beats and blast-beats, as well as some Sludgier parts.

The sounds are extremely Crusty, but not inaudible in any way. The production is actually very good considering the style in question. The drums are played with a lively attitude and cool details here and there, with a nice reverb in the sounds. The guitars and basses are played with needed skills as well, with riffs and sounds taking mostly from both old-school Black Metal and Crust Punk. The vocals are a combination of the Crust of old, with both lower and higher screams (coming from one dude), but both styles sound delightfully unique. To be honest, I can’t really think of any band that comes to mind from hearing them, which is a good thing indeed.

A very well made and strong Demo from this young band, whom play live as well. Let’s hope they achieve artistically what they crave for. They certainly have the passionate fire burning in their hearts. This Demo is available as a Tape from the band.



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