(The Infamous) Gehenna – Deathkamp Ov The Skull + Funeral Embrace

(Magic Bullet Records, 2015)

(The Infamous) Gehenna have been doing their intense and insane “Negative” Hardcore since 1993 (much like their Norwegian Black Metal namesakes), releasing only two full-lengths and about 15 EPs / Splits. This latest release by Magic Bullet Records combines their latest and last 7” EPs into one CD, which definitely serves as a great introduction to the band, besides showing their awesome condition (still) when it comes to playing shit like this, live or in the studio.

Many rumours have circulated regarding the anti-social behaviour of the band, which can indeed be heard from their music in general (if you will), but we focus on the music at hand, which is indeed as powerful as ever. Sometimes the Black Metal influenced Hardcore is going very slow and atmospheric, sometimes familiarly “Negotium”, and sometimes even fucking Motörhead. In general, Gehenna has always given a straight forward beating of fierce jabs and crosses, with plenty of hooks to keep things interesting. The riffs, drumming and especially Mike Cheese’s vocals serve most def as the matchless trademarks of the band, meaning this band is indeed honestly original and unique.

The soundscapes are pretty much the same throughout the release, with guitars having a nicely damp yet shredding and ripping sound, the drums and bass pounding a bit hollow but strong, and Mike’s vocals screaming on top of it all clear, audible and extremely hostile. One of the cool things about this band is that they have managed to sound pretty much the same on most of their releases. With Gehenna you get what you came for.

If you have any of the previous releases of the band, or if you want to get your ass kicked by some pissed off Blackened, amphetamine and weed-fuelled in-your-face hostile Hardcore, get this album from for example Magic Bullet Records.

Bandcamp (Magic Bullet)

Bandcamp (Gehenna)

Magic Bullet Records (Store)


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