God Harvest – Insulated

(Self-Released, 2015)

God Harvest (from Saint Petersburg, Florida) have been active since 2010, and have released a Demo and a Split EP before this their first LP. The band has recently played with the likes of Primitive Man and Noisem, not bad at all for a band of their age.

Clocking around 19 minutes, this album is filled with intense and eventful Extreme Punk anthems of frustration and aggression, spiced with the alcohol- and drug-fuelled madness that is life in Florida.

With influences from D-Beat Crust (such as classic Anti-Cimex or Wolfpack / Wolfbrigade) and Death Metal (as in the styles of the early nineties), injected with the energetic and openminded attitude of Powerviolence, God Harvest manages to craft their version of Grindcore (which brings Disrupt to my mind quite often) using the classic formulas of the mentioned styles, and not only manages to do it convincingly but also in an extremely entertaining way.

The riffs are basically as typical and authentic as they get, but are presented in such an imaginative way, the album stays highly and intensely interesting from beginning to the end. The eventful arrangement (and performance) of the songs tells of the experience of the members, meaning these dudes totally know what they are doing.

The band plays extremely well together, with each instrument handled with great skills. The overall sound of the album is pleasantly warm and buzzing (in sort of a Death Metallic way), due to the combination of growling and low Doomy bass-sounds and the more Metallic shredding guitars. The drum-sounds are nicely tight but pounding, fitting the mix in the most classic Grinding way. The awesome low shouting and sometimes growling, and the higher screaming vocals are filtered through a distortion reminding of an old telephone or a walkie-talkie, a nice and original touch. Greg Wilkinson, who has mixed and mastered the album at Earhammer Studios, has done a very good job once more.

The length of the album is pretty much perfect for extremely intense stuff like this, but because of the high quality of the songs, I am left wanting for a few minutes more. This is naturally a minor minus, as this album is one of the most kick-ass works of art I’ve come across in years, definitely putting a big rebellious smile on an old (and younger) Crust and Grindcore-freak’s face. A highly recommended purchase mos def, and check them out live as well if you have the change!


Big Cartel



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