Noordwiijk – Sailor Boy II

Jérémie Jones is a Montreal-based experimental musician (and an experienced bass player), whose work has appeared on many critically acclaimed albums. He has also toured all over the world, naturally drawing experience into his art from many different surroundings. This album functions as an imaginary soundtrack of a boy crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a ship, in 1952.

The music is mainly done by Electronic means, but features guest musicians playing instruments like the flute, clarinet, oboe, piano and drums. The material can however be described as a highly active form of Ambient music, consisting of many layers and elements. Layers of synthetic ambience flow and drift across the album like the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, accompanied by an amazing amount of audial details and sceneries of various kind (brought forth by different synth-sounds, effects, melodies of contemporary or postmodern classical music via acoustic instruments, choir-like female vocals, and so on) passing by the listeners inner eyes.

The whole experience indeed feels like being inside the cabin of huge ship, looking outside the window, or sometimes wandering on the deck of the vessel, admiring the psychedelic spectacles unfolding all around the ship. The amount of audial details resulting in numerous inner visual sensations and scenes brings to my mind the work of visual artists such as Hayao Miyazaki (imagine something like “Spirited Away” happening on a ship) and audial artists like Vangelis (comparing to the “Blade Runner” OST in terms of visuality of sound).

This album is a brilliant display of the possibilities of sound, even when staying within the borders of terms and concepts such as Ambient music or Contemporary Classical music, or other similar. Very much recommended to all whom share Noordwiijk’s love for experimental ways of sound resulting in inner visuals of great beauty and marvel.



Jeunesse Cosmique

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