Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – The Wolvennest Sessions

(WKN, 2015)

Albin Julius, whose releases (and words) have appeared in this blog before, has during the years indeed marvelously managed to transform his Martial Industrial Ambient band Der Blutharsch into a full-on trippy Psychedelic Prog Rock experience, while still maintaining the unique and original personality of the band despite the change of style. This album contains three songs and about 40mins of studio material recorded in 2014, having (as was the case with the previous album “Joyride”) the improvised groove of live material.

The first song “Out Of Darkness Deep” starts off with very Dark Ambient-like sensations, with murky sounds of low frequencies and an ominous electronic synth loop, before the guitars and organs enter scene, also in a very trance-like and repeating kind of way, satisfyingly familiar and typical to the nature of the band. As the percussions and basses step forth almost in a marching manner, enlivening the guitars as well, the song turns into Martial and Tribal-sounding states, before the more Rock-oriented drums, distorted guitars and Marthynna’s vocals enter the scene, metamorphing yet further into a slow Psychedelic Rock song. The sounds are at this point so heavy, the word Doom could be added to describe the atmospheres, but the term Psychedelia still fits the music the best. Heavy Psychedelia that is.

The guitar-solos flow for an awesomely long time, like an ongoing hash and/or mushroom-enhanced love-making session, while the drums change little in performance, giving the truly trance-infusing effect to the song, while the only thing keeping us from totally sinking into forgetfulness is Marthynna’s voice and the always cool lyrics it performs. Weird spoken samples end the song in style, and the second song “Unreal” begins with again monotonous and Doomy distorted guitars and eerie vintage organs, again slowly growing into a Rock song with the addition of the simple yet effective drums. The quite melodic vocals paint a melancholic and etherial feeling, enhancing the riffs. The atmosphere of the song is not as Psychedelic as of the first song, being more Pop-like (if possible) in nature, while again being really captivating in nature and heavy in production.

The third song “Evil Love” starts with quite a fast played distorted tremolo riff, reminding of Punk or even Black Metal (certain woodsy Norwegian cassette-demos of the early nineties come to my mind), as the beat presents the quite cold skeleton of the song, and we can’t indeed but experience strong feeling of slow nineties Black Metal, with only Marthynna’s vocals and weird synth-leads taking the feeling to the Psychedelia of the rest of the album. A very cool song as well.

The general sound and mix of the songs are very 70’ies sounding, giving an authentic Krautrock feeling of being recorded totally with analogue equipment. Once again the band delivers trips of genuine Psychedelic proportions, a bit more heavy (or even Metal-oriented) than the previous releases, but still the guaranteed (controversial?) quality strangeness of Der Blutharsch only Albin Julius can deliver.





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