Dieselsex – S/T

(Self-Released, 2016)

The musical visions of Keegan O’Reilly (A. Octo) came to my attention in 2014, in the form of his previous Atmospheric Black Metal project Death Sigh Ritual, which left a very good (twisted) taste into my mouth, when it comes to things like honesty of the music and sheer emotion straight from the depths of the artist.

Now he is back with a new project, this time using the means of classic Industrial Music and Punk Rock, two styles that can be often mixed together in a very cheesy way. Fortunately, this project has turned out surprisingly original and entertaining.

Again the “naked”, honest approach of the musician is very present. In fact, the dedicated and passionate attitude of the man can be clearly seen in one of his hobbies (I know of) outside making music, namely knife throwing. Picture that shit translated into creating music and you know what I mean.

This EP offers four songs and about 12 minutes of very vintage-sounding, unpretentious or ungimmicky Industrial (Punk) Rock with strong nods to the (eighties) origins of styles like EBM and Electropunk, while maintaining the gritty organic feeling of classic Punk. The term Anarcho comes to mind just as often as names like Ministry or Borghesia.

The drum-beats are nicely electronic and pounding but not by any means as massive as one might suspect from modern Industrial, reminding us of the “unimportance” of the drum-sounds (according to many minds) in Punk Rock, executed in a very classic drum-machine-like way while using quite organic sounds in all areas.

The guitars are pretty fat and growling, altho not too heavy on the low frequencies, still basically functioning as both electric bass and electric guitar in the more organic sense. The riffs are half of the nature as an Industrial artist would use his/her synth, and half of the Punk-mentality. Many samples and background synths (such as bass-lines and noises) make the whole spectrum a bit more livelier.

The vocals are shouting coming from quite up high, in an aggressive but not too preaching way. While the accent is quite clearly American, the general style of the performance usually reminds me of the British eighties. The words are also often spit out in cool rhythms and grooves, functioning as an instrument of their own.

As the four songs pass through me quite quickly, and leave me wanting more of the same stuff (or longer songs perhaps), this EP has made a very strong impression on me. It is always cool to find a younger generation finding so much atmosphere in the music of past decades one can create and perform “retro”-stuff in a passionate and generally honest way, but projects like this make me wonder if the music would have turned out pretty much the same anyway, without the artist digging the works of the past.

This is again a very ready package from Keegan, let us hope he continues this extremely positively surprising project. For all fans of hard-hitting vintage electronics and anarchist leather and denim -clad attitudes. A very cool (human) cyber-attack against the programming of modern minds.



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