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Unru – Als Tier Ist Der Mensch Nicht

(Sentient Ruin / Monotonstudio Records / Supreme Chaos Records, 2016)

At the latest, after the success of bands such as Deafhaven and Altar Of Plagues, it sometimes feels like every hipster wanted to create a raw Black Metal band, often with Crusty or more artistic influences (which is fine by me since art should be free for all men and women to create), but while most of these bands end up sounding pretty similar and boring (unoriginal), one can occasionally come across something unique, when it comes to “Blackened Neo-Crust”, such as this young German band.

Without any info of the previous doings of the band members, I do know this is their first full-length release after a demo, a single and two splits. What makes the music fresh and original enough (to get my attention) is the way the band incorporates the more ferocious blastbeats and classic tremolo riffs with some for example more progressive rhythms or doomy elements (as well as small hints of other styles) usually unheard of in the more popular bands of this genre, as well as some truly twisted vocals and hypnotic song-structures / arrangements, just enough to stick out of the mass in a good way. The outcome is of the sort which keeps things interesting, thoughtful and very atmospheric throughout this release.

While the faster Black Metal parts – besides the obvious more monotonous nineties-worship – often reminds me of the intensity of newer bands like Katechon (or even the classic odd-bird of the early nineties, “Blood Must Be Shed”), a few more groovy and rhythmic parts here and there bring to my mind stuff like Industrial and even Tribal music. There is also a very Doomy and Deathly part to be found in one of the songs, spicing things up nicely. I only wish there would be even more of these varied parts in the music.

The arrangement of the songs as well as the melodic yet repetitive nature of the riffs usually lifts the music to truly epic and even transcendental heights, making this a release of much atmospheric value, which is unarguably the mission of the music style in question. The melancholic apathy towards mankind and the vanity and desperation of all things human can really be sensed thru this stuff.

One major thing that makes the sound of the band a bit more original are the beforementioned vocals, which are not your typical Black Metal screaming nor the average Crusty shouting, but fall somewhere in between the two, often turning into even quite clear vocals, resulting as something truly twisted, desperate and hateful, fitting the music perfectly.

The overall handling of the instruments is good (props for the basslines which are often played quite high, giving these parts also a bit more personal touch as well), and the production of the album is fine when it comes to the style in question, with maybe a bit too much reverb here and there, which on the other hand increases the deep atmospheres of the music.

This album offers about 35 mins of good quality, raw and organic, thoughtful, epic and artistic Crusty Black Metal with enough unique touches to make the band worthwhile a deeper look. Released by the extremely cool label Sentient Ruin, as well as Monotonstudio Records and Supreme Chaos, I definitely urge you to check out this (in all its apparent simplicity) genuinely fresh and original band!

Sentient Ruin
Monotonstudio Records
Supreme Chaos Records

Natvre’s – Wrath

(Self-Released / Clean Head Productions, 2015)

Natvre’s from Thessaloniki (Greece) are a three-piece made of members not “publicly” familiar from earlier projects (at least according to Metal Archives), formed in 2014, this full-length being their first release. And what a strong first release it is.

As is the case with many of the more interesting newcomers, Natvre’s has decided to perform a style of Black Metal which takes a lot from the old-school vibes of the nineties, and fuse it with other (often a bit more interesting?) elements, such as good old Punk Rock and other more Avantgardish and Abstract styles of music. And the fusion works extremely well.

The album gets straight into business with the opening track “Lazarines”, introducing eerie tremolo and picking riffs reminding me of classic Thorns and Mayhem, mixed with more straightforward Rocking Punk riffs and vibes (and partly Darkthronish and Burzumish or even Aura Noirish attitudes if you will, besides the more Avantgarde atmospheres, as the album progresses). To the end of the song we get some blast-beats as well, reminding us of the Black backgrounds of the music in general. The vocals (with their heavy distortion) bring to my mind a more groovier version of Aldrahn in “Satanic Art”, with the same amount of passion and madness. The whole thing is put through filters of extreme weight (being heavy and hard-hitting as fuck) and razor-sharp Blackened violence.

The next seven songs offer the same stuff (with an exemption of a more obscure long instrumental guitar-driven song in the middle of the album), with more variation in the drum-beats and some vocal-parts, while the riffs stay pretty much the same. What makes this album so cool, is the right amount of new more “artistic” and just plain imaginative tricks up the sleeves of whoever has composed and arranged these songs, of new styles and ways to present this Art, while keeping the overall feeling of the album similar throughout the whole shredding journey.

Altho the basses and guitars, the drums, and the vocals are all recorded at three different studios, the main mixing has brought all the elements in prefect (dis)harmony. The bass-drums pound like fists, while the balance of warmth and heaviness, coldness and sharpness created by the basses and guitars merge splendidly with the insane yet Rocking Blackened vocals.

This release offers basically nothing new under any suns, but still manages to give about 45 mins of something genuinely fresh and cool to the intelligent and open-minded fan of different musical styles, with main emphasis of course in Black fucking Metal. This highly recommended album is released as a digipack by the band (with the help of Clean Head Productions).



Interview with Sordide

Sordide from Rouen, France is one of those bands that manage to keep the whole concept of “Black Metal” interesting to me. Rather than following the current trends, the band has found themselves in the traditional nineties Blackened realms, adding the rawness and primitivity of Punk and even Garage Rock elements (as well as more purely artistic and Avantgarde elements) into their sound. In all it’s primitive and raw complex beauty, the creative process behind their music demands clarification.

Bonjour Sordide! How has the year drawn to it’s closure over there in Rouen?

Bonjour Antti! Last weeks were a turning point, as we had our first tour in France. An important experience, with great meetings and very good feedback. We toured with Nebehn, Sordide’s new bass player. He joined the trio from the very first gig, without any rehearsal (we called him the day before going on tour). Continuing ahead, we are currently working on new material for the next release.

The members of the band have been active in the local music scenes for quite some time. Extreme Metal seems to be the main style of your preference, but are there other styles to be found in your musical lives?

Indeed we’ve mainly been playing extreme music, be it Black, Doom, Hardcore, but also Experimental, Improvised or Classical music.

As you have taken a very traditional (mostly nineties-sounding) approach to your brand of Black Metal, do you still feel this as the most powerful path of the art, as opposed to current trends?

We don’t care about trends. In fact, we just play music as we feel, each time trying to keep a similar energy. Our sound and sensibility have obviously been affected by first wave of Black Metal, but not only nor mainly. We cannot say how much. Some bands kind of lose themselves in the studio, overdubbing everything, triggering the drums… It’s like they anesthetize the music and lock it in a cage. We want to keep it wild and alive.

The other elements of your music include (in my opinion) Garage Rock, French “Folk” Music, and Post Punk. Has this been a mutual collective choice, or do the different elements come to the band from the different individuals creating the music?

At the beginning, we only wanted to play Black Metal together. We’ve never had any precise plan, only a common will and that style in mind. Then, our collective and individual influences, experiences and feelings made a “strange” musical alchemy, crafted what you can hear: Not only Black Metal, we are often told. Pinpointing all influences would be both a pain and useless. We couldn’t even tell. As often, there’s no precise intention to cross over trends, musical styles or areas, it just happened…

Sordide 02

Talking about the raw energy in your music, there is no denying the strong influence of Punk in styles like Thrash, Death and Black Metal. That is also something I’m personally hearing in your sound (at least), besides the more artistic approaches to the riffs and songs. Is this mostly intentional or unintentional?

Yes, it was clearly intentional. Our music had to be raw. No polishing, no compromise. We want to keep it real, on stage as on records. Keep it simple, wild, alive… In a way, the Punk influence you underlined.

How about the lyrical side of Sordide? Without any knowledge of the French language, I am guessing the topics include social and personal issues, ponderings on what it means to be French today?

Lyrics effectively deal with social and personal themes, but are way wider than national ponderings or issues. They’re composed of various visions of situations we can live or behold. They mainly bring contemporary but also long tradition values into question. Titles are meaningful : “Ni Nom Ni Drapeau” (Neither Name Nor Flag), “Gloire” (Glory), “Violence”, “Blâme”, “Pauvre Histoire” (Poor History) or “La France A Peur” (France Is Afraid) – This latter being from a 1976 TV speech.

I can understand when some bands want to keep political opinions out of their music, even when dealing with social issues (and let the listeners decide for themselves), while some bands want to speak out their mind under a certain ideology, may it be Left, Right, Anarchist, Fascist, or whatever. But is there a clear attitude or philosophy to be heard in the art of Sordide?

We claim to have a “neither name, nor flag” -attitude. You can interpret it politically or artistically. Those were our first words, and part of the art of Sordide. The band is not claiming specific political opinions, or a straight musical path. We do experiment, nothing is black or white.

Are you active in the local music scenes? Do the local bands help each other out when it comes to things like rehearsing and gigs? Are people of different genres open-minded, or do the different musical scenes stay separated?

Rouen musical scene is quite rich and musically open-minded, but not that much socially. It is said to have known a real Punk Rock background from the late 60’s to 80’s. Nowadays, like in a lot of the cities of France (and Europe perhaps), we’re lacking places to organize shows. Rouen has no squats or independent venues. In a nutshell, lots of bands and a few places…

We must admit we’re not very active in local scene, often supporting gigs, but we do not organize gigs more than twice a year. We intentionally chose not to play in Rouen before a year, thus focusing on other cities.

How has the reception been towards your amazing first full-length “La France A Peur”? Has the reception been better in France or abroad? You are currently in the process of creating a second album?

In France and abroad, the album has been very well received. Lots of positive reviews, download-statistics and radio broadcastings are good evidence it was. We’ve heard of some negative opinions regarding lyrics, and perhaps misunderstandings concerning our approach (it is a hen, in fact…). Anyway, among most amazing feedbacks we had, the ones following gigs surprised us. We often met people who came to hear us, some of them even knowing lyrics. And when some just discovered our music, we’ve often been thanked. What better reception could we hope ?

Sordide 03

How does the year of 2016 look to Sordide? Is the band something you can all invest in full-time, or is your time (as a band) limited when it comes to musical activities?

It already looks like an important year. We are currently working on the next album. Recording session early February: That is a challenge. Everything hasn’t been composed yet and we have to affirm the new line-up. Moreover, we can’t invest in full-time because of jobs and have to invest in other bands too.

One thing is sure, new material will be more violent. Satisfaction is already here and we will continue our breathless work till recording is over. Then, we’ll be eager to tour again.

Many thanks for your attention and interest, Antti.




Mädäntyneen Jumalan Silmä – Musta Myrsky

(Self-Released, 2015)

Black Metal, as a definition, is definitely a question of taste. There are so many music styles out there labeled Black Metal, that it really comes to the question of ideology and attitude rather than the actual music, when the various scenes of various ages compare each other’s music, often in a very competitive (musical-fascist) way. There are people who say that playing skills are not important in Black Metal, and it’s all about the atmosphere the music summons. There are also those who say the same about the overall production and soundscapes of the music, often meaning “the crappier the better” (authentic). And there are those who have nothing against decent playing skills and listenable production, on the contrary, even in a such a violent music style as Black Metal.

With this their first release, Mädäntyneen Jumalan Silmä (from Finland) falls somewhere between the two opposites of minimalistic and low-fi atmospheres and well-produced quality.  The band consists of unknown musicians (to me), with the exception of one member with whom I have done similar kind of (but not as good) music in the past.

What strikes to me the most about the music is the fact it mostly seems to be coming straight from the nineties (my favourite decade of Black Metal of course), and even more so straight from this very country. There were a few bands around here which managed to sound original (in the sense they didn’t totally copy the Norse bands), altho pretty minimalist and low-fi, bands like Nidhoggr. Still, there are also a few Norse-sounding (at least to my ears) parts in the songs, mainly in the form of melodies resembling (very simple) versions of for example “For All Tid” or “Written In Waters”, but these parts could also be compared to some other more modern stuff by someone else. However, the main pulse of the music comes from the (relatively) slow blast-beats, dragging and Doomy parts, and almost (old) Gorgoroth-like rocking vibes. When talking of minimalist aggression and groove, even stuff like classic Hellhammer comes to my mind at times when listening to these riffs.

The performance of all the instruments on these recordings (which were recorded live somewhere in northern Finland if I’ve understood correctly) is not bad, altho nothing special either. The sounds of the tracks making these songs are definitely not of high quality per se, but nevertheless mixed in a way which makes the end result sound truly clear yet hateful, aggressive, and dark. Most importantly: it sounds above else like genuine Black Metal. The riffs and the arrangements of the songs are quite minimalistic, yet handled with enough precision like a quality live-performance (which it apparently is). The vocals are quite original, bringing to my mind a more “masculine” (not so whining) version of classic Burzum, being nothing too special, but still giving the overall atmospheres of the band a unique-enough touch. The lyrics apparently deal mostly about subjects such as disappointment, despair, nihilism, misanthropy and so on, being as in-your-face as the music itself.

This release offers about 18 minutes (four songs, plus an intro and an outro) of extremely hard hitting, violently pounding and massively sounding traditional Black Metal with a strong nod to the Scandinavian sounds of the nineties, and with some more “modern” artistic and avantgardish elements. A recommended new band to be checked out, for all fans of straightforward and gritty classic Black Metal. Released as 66 copies, the Tape can be obtained from the band itself.




Archaic Thorn – In Desolate Magnificence

(Unholy Prophecies, 2015)

This trio from Lichtenstein (Germany) has been active for about 5 years, releasing a Demo in 2013, before this their first EP. The band likes to label their music as Nihilistic Death Metal, but music-wise (in my opinion), in the early nineties this release could be labeled as Melodic Black Metal as well (depending on the image and attitude of the band).

After the atmospheric and “occult”-sounding instrumental intro of different picked strings and chiming bells, this EP offers us indeed four quite long songs of very old-school but actually pretty unique-sounding Metal of Death. While I’m getting a lot of the obscure feelings of for example Tiamat’s “The Astral Sleep”, and mostly the melodic eeriness, hook-filled tempos and technicality of the first Dissection or Unanimated releases, the band manages to sound very individual.

Besides the obvious music, the sounds and production of these songs are also very old-school (most likely deliberately), such as on those of an old cassette-demo or a 7”, partly murky and foggy, partly sharp and high, with the right amount of reverb in the voices from the temple.

The guitars, which are most present element in the mix, are usually played with high notes and full of melodies. The guitarist does a remarkably fantastic job, switching between different playing styles and quite complicated riffs with ease, while the drums follow and back the guitars with the same amount of imagination and skill. The quite high (as well, at least to my ear) basses howl and boom in the mix with great performance as well, and as the bassist is also doing the vocals, he is doing a terrific job naturally. The awesome vocals are mostly low screaming or high growling, in the vein of for example many early nineties Scandinavian melodic Death and Black Metal bands, usually barking in a typical yet personal and highly atmospheric fashion, yet sometimes going to truly twisted and insane places.

In the end, the greatest wonder of this release is not the authentic old-school obscure aura surrounding it all, but indeed the amount of riffs and different parts (under the same musical banner) in the songs, making whoever has composed and arrange these rituals a truly master of his craft.

Although (at a first quick glance) pretty similar in aesthetic and lyrical (?) lines with numerous modern Black Metal bands of the “occult” nature, the music Archaic Thorns creates really beats most of the other trendy currents in imagination, skills and style.

If you like your Death (or Black) Metal melodic, eventful, old-school, obscure and occult, look no further. This EP offers 28mins of highly imaginative and entertaining ethereal invocations, with an extremely high re-listening value. Hopefully the band will continue to record a full-length album in the future.

Archaic Thorn

Unholy Prophecies (Facebook)

Corpspazm – S/T

(Broken Limbs Recordings, 2015)

Even tho it is currently trendy in the realms of Death Metal, Black Metal as well as Crust Punk to imitate the sounds of the classic/cult-releases from the beginnings of these styles, some newer bands actually seem to deliver the authentic sounds and atmospheres with sheer dedication and honesty, rather than copying stuff. Corpspazm (formed in 2010) from Southern California is one of those bands, and this EP (limited to 100 cassettes) is a triumphant display of just that.

What makes this release special, is the tendency of the band to sound like early South American stuff like the classic “I.N.R.I.” of Sarcofago, the cult-demo “Satanic Blood” by Von, Australian crazy shit like Sadistik Exekution, as well as as bit younger more bestial Death and Black Metal like Conqueror at the same time. Needless to say, a mixture of these elements is a match made in heaven/hell for those initiated in the original art of Death and Black Metal.

The songs consists of quite simple (Punk-simple) riffs played through pretty murky distortion, with clanky and pounding drums played with real Thrashing passion, and truly sinister and cool-sounding vocals with enough reverb to sound like been performed 20 years ago. As the material is recorded at two separate sessions, the sounds of the songs vary a bit, but not dramatically.

Only 15minutes in length, this release offers six songs of such stylish and arousing Death-worship, a longer length is really not needed, unlike some beers. This stuff is not for anyone, but to those who understand and worship the occult styles of extreme Metal firmly rooted in Punk, will wet their pants with this material.


Broken Limbs

Gnaw Their Tongues / Dragged Into Sunlight – NV

(Prosthetic Records, 2015)

Dragged Into Sunlight came into my attention with their first full-length of 2009, “Hatred For Mankind”, which seemed like a fresh breath of total and honest aggression and hatred among all the trends going on in the Black and Death Metal undergrounds. Taking elements of indeed Black, Death and Doom Metal, spiced with elements of Grindcore, Noise, Sludge and other extreme styles of Punk, Metal and Electronic music, the band has been continuing along the path started by that particular album. The band has vast amounts of experience from previous musical projects as well as playing live, and this experience and dedication for creating and performing this extreme form of musical art has been present in all their doings. Now, about three years after their last release “Widowmaker”, the time has at last come to unleash yet another chapter in their great work, a chapter passionately anticipated by many.

Gnaw Their Tongues is the main project of Mories (originally from Suriname, now residing in The Netherlands), who has about forty releases under this name, also (like Dragged Into Sunlight) mainly focusing in harsh horrific marriage of Black Metal, Noise and other extreme styles. I have only seldomly touched upon his stuff with time, but have always acknowledged the man’s capabilities of creating truly disturbing audial visions of dread.

This collaboration-album was apparently at first revolving around an idea to create a new version of classic Industrial Metal (as begun by Godflesh’s “Streetcleaner”), which can still be heard in the material, not necessarily in the performance of the music itself, but rather in the production. Justin Broadrick (and another profilic producer Tom Dring) has also given his finishing touches to the production of the material. The three hours of material initially recorded for this released has been stripped down into about 33 mins of polished substance.

With about four years in the works, the material has indeed been most likely refined numerous times into this perfect symbiosis of (quite technical) Black and Death Metal as well as Noise (mainly). Besides the production, there is a certain Industrial feeling in the material considering the usage of electronics in a sampled and looping kid of way. Also some effects used in a percussive way give the Industrialized synthetic atmosphere to the otherwise quite organic stuff.

The amount of different soundscapes (and layers) of noises and samples behind the main tracks of clanky but pounding drums, Metallic guitars and distorted screaming vocals is also vast. In fact the material often feels like moving from a room, chamber or other similar space to another, with each having a unique horrific nature and atmosphere of its own, like different kinds of crime scenes. Spoken samples of different murderous themes spice up the already anxious and disturbing spectacle.

The Metallic parts of the material are again mainly a mixture of Death and Black Metal with elements of Grindcore, familiar from the previous work of Dragged Into Sunlight. The guitars are shredding, damping and howling like crazy most of the time, being usually technical (but not too much) rather than melodic. The basses and drums are played with experienced and “relaxed” hands, besides being performed with great skill and imagination, giving the positively human touch to the otherwise inhumane experience. The riffs and general parts of the songs switch from good idea to the next naturally and with ease. The vocals are screamed through the usual Dragged Into Sunlight amount of distortion. The overall mix, which is quite harsh and sharp but otherwise not by any means without low frequencies, is also put through filters of cool reverb. The quality and attitude of the material on the album stays pretty much the same throughout the five songs, resulting at the first listen in the songs drifting by without any clear changes in music, but being so utterly full of detail and entertaining in their horror, it is clear this album has tremendous re-listening value.

To the unexperienced, I’d say this album serves definitely as a better introduction to the music of Dragged Into Sunlight, rather than Gnaw Their Tongues, but if you are already a fan of both acts, you will not be disappointed by this release, guaranteed. In general, this album is a brilliant display of masterfully performed aggression, frustration, and disturbing soundscapes to anyone into the extreme styles such as Death and Black Metal, Grindcore and Noise. A highly recommended album.

Dragged Into Sunlight (Facebook)

Dragged Into Sunlight (Bandcamp)

Gnaw Their Tongues (Facebook)

Gnaw Their Tongues (Bandcamp)

Prosthetic Records

(The Infamous) Gehenna – Deathkamp Ov The Skull + Funeral Embrace

(Magic Bullet Records, 2015)

(The Infamous) Gehenna have been doing their intense and insane “Negative” Hardcore since 1993 (much like their Norwegian Black Metal namesakes), releasing only two full-lengths and about 15 EPs / Splits. This latest release by Magic Bullet Records combines their latest and last 7” EPs into one CD, which definitely serves as a great introduction to the band, besides showing their awesome condition (still) when it comes to playing shit like this, live or in the studio.

Many rumours have circulated regarding the anti-social behaviour of the band, which can indeed be heard from their music in general (if you will), but we focus on the music at hand, which is indeed as powerful as ever. Sometimes the Black Metal influenced Hardcore is going very slow and atmospheric, sometimes familiarly “Negotium”, and sometimes even fucking Motörhead. In general, Gehenna has always given a straight forward beating of fierce jabs and crosses, with plenty of hooks to keep things interesting. The riffs, drumming and especially Mike Cheese’s vocals serve most def as the matchless trademarks of the band, meaning this band is indeed honestly original and unique.

The soundscapes are pretty much the same throughout the release, with guitars having a nicely damp yet shredding and ripping sound, the drums and bass pounding a bit hollow but strong, and Mike’s vocals screaming on top of it all clear, audible and extremely hostile. One of the cool things about this band is that they have managed to sound pretty much the same on most of their releases. With Gehenna you get what you came for.

If you have any of the previous releases of the band, or if you want to get your ass kicked by some pissed off Blackened, amphetamine and weed-fuelled in-your-face hostile Hardcore, get this album from for example Magic Bullet Records.

Bandcamp (Magic Bullet)

Bandcamp (Gehenna)

Magic Bullet Records (Store)


Interview with Angoisse

A while back, I was completely blown away by the honesty of the French band Angoisse’s short but strong “Demo 2015”. The band’s attitude towards the style of Crusty Black Metal they have chosen to play comes so tangibly straight from their hearts, I was reminded of how rare it is to find (good) bands of this nature among the newer generations of copycats and imitators. After all, the roots of Black Metal are (at least in my opinion) strongly rooted in Punk, and having this attitude when creating honest Blackened art today, is much more “true” than any recent trends or arrogant elitist attitudes. This interview was answered by the whole band.

Greetings Angoisse! How has the autumn begun for you in your part of France? Is the band situated in Bordeaux and Nantes?

Angoisse: Hey man, actually it’s cold and the weather is bad, like raining a lot, wind etc… And that’s cool because we hate summer. The 3/4 of the band are located in Bordeaux and the rest in Nantes. But all our souls are in Hell, so it’s not a big deal.

The style of Blackened Metal you have chosen has to me the feeling of the early­ and mid-­nineties (of especially Norway), as well as the Anarcho and Crust Punk vibes of old I admire totally. Was this a conscious thing when you formed the band, or did it happen by itself?

Asriel: I think that when we formed the band we just said “Hey, let’s play Black Metal”. The first guitars riff were pretty Crust Punk, cause that’s mostly what I am used to play, but I tried to play them with a BM mood in it (by using special chords that I don’t know the name, the ones that feel evil you know?). We haven’t discussed a lot of what kind of Black Metal we wanted to play, we just tried and it appears to be like it is.

Lord: Yes he’s right. We talked about this for a while, tried once, but it didn’t work well. Then we tried again, with just the idea of playing Black Metal. We asked around, found two other guys, and things are going well naturally. Two punks, two metalheads, and here we are.

Äaerzerath: I remember when we decided to form the band, we were at a Crust gig (Ancient Amblem, Ough!!) and Lord came to me and asked “Hey man, we want to play fucking Black Metal, are you in?” I just said “Yeah” and one month later we were playing together ! We wanted to play something old, loud,  influenced by the old tyrants, Hellhammer, Venom and others, and the Crust feeling came by itself, by Asriel’s riffs and Lord’s vocals.

Angoisse 02

Do the members of the band share the same kind of musical tastes, or is the band divided when it comes to liking different styles like Crust and Black Metal? Is the style of Angoisse something that comes from all the members, or is one member more into Punk and the other more into Metal, and so on?

Asriel: Everybody in the band listens to a lot of things. Mostly Metal and Punk stuff for sure, and everyone’s got a sub-genre preference. Lord and Asriel are originally more into the Punk/DIY/Crust scene while Äaerzerath and Sorhyn are more into the Metal scene.

Äaerzerath: We are quite different in our musical tastes but when we decided to form Angoisse we all agreed in which musical direction we wanted to go. So this style came from all of us, by adding our own personal feelings but we are all going to the same place. And the fun thing is those who play Crust ask for more blast-beats, and those who are into Metal want more Punk feeling !

Lord: We trade feelings about music, name of bands of each other’s scenes. Stuff like, “You should listen to this and this band.” Same for the shows. We share a lot our different influences, with totally open minds. The only stuff we told ourselves is to play something heavy, fast, evil and raw, and see what happens next.

Sorhyn: Indeed, the band is divided, on one hand Crust Punk and on the other hand Black Metal. It comes into this kind of Black Punk !

You probably agree with me that the roots of Black Metal are firmly situated in Punk, with bands like Venom and Bathory playing “Evil Punk” in the beginning of their careers? If a young dude denies this today, it seems a bit ignorant, don’t you think?

Asriel: I totally agree with that. The music speaks for itself. Listen to “Eurynomos” from Hellhammer’s “Satanic Rites” album, this is fucking Punk Rock. You can’t deny that, it’s fact. If a young dude denies this, he’s not ignorant, he’s stupid.

Äaerzerath: And aren’t Venom’s guys “long haired punks”? I think young people (or not so young!) are often into the “new school” scene, and just don’t know the first bands and the first albums who made Black Metal what it is. I am also fond of Thrash Metal, which is often just Punk played faster !

Sorhyn: Today, most people say that bands like Bathory etc., are not forerunners of Black Metal. It just pisses them off. We can’t deny it, but we don’t feel Black Metal the same way.

Lord: I’m an old dude and I’m barely aware about these kinds of things. So let’s say I’m an old ignorant dude… And truly I don’t care. Who cares about being the best historian of Punk and Black Metal.  But I see your point, and of course everybody should go a bit deeper in the past of all things, to get the sense of it. And not just listen to the mainstream, and not just be on the surface, like we all tend to do thanks or because of the internet. So to answer the question of what are the roots of Black Metal, maybe people should ask what are the roots of Punk. And are we talking just about music for musicians and performance, or are we seeing, thinking, seeking, the music as something that brings you a soul or an aura, and takes its roots in your feelings, your path, your surrounding. Then if all this takes its roots in frustration, pain, rebellion, anger and disenchantment, so yes we can say that the roots of Black Metal are firmly situated to punk. But it is also situated into Punk , if we consider the facts that it has been invented by a bunch of northern rednecks or white thrash, a bunch of losers whom didn’t know what to do with their lives, or in this life. Where the differences stand in this, is in politic, and activism. So to conclude, young or old dude, this music and everything that goes with it, is made by and for people who are dismissed by the rest of the society.

Angoisse 03

How do you feel about the state of modern Black Metal in general? There is of course a clear trend of “Spiritual” Black Metal running the markets, with most bands sounding quite identical to each other. Do you find this entertaining, or just boring (like I do)?

Asriel: It’s hard for me to answer as I mostly listen to albums that are at least 10 years old… But I really enjoy Wolves In The Throne Room for instance. When there is blast it can be shit, right? What we surely find boring is the post-hardcore scene.

Äaerzerath: You mean all these bands playing 15’00 songs with a fucking linear blast beat all along? Fuck it! I don’t think the Black Metal scene is dead, if you ignore the “Post Black Metal” bands (which are called POST Black Metal!). There are some very nice bands, in Europe for the most part, like Quintessenz or Belliciste who play old and raw Black Metal. It is not necessary to play very complex riffs or very fast blast beats to be original, just play with your guts and you will be the best!

When was your relationship with Punk and Crust formed, is this something that comes from your teens etc. or did you discover this kind of music later, after discovering Metal? Do you follow any current Punk scenes?

Asriel: As I said I think that we all listen to a lot of different styles. A lot of them has been discovered when we were young of course, but we always discover bands. With the internet, you can discover 100 of them everyday, and some of them are really good. You can also listen to old stuff you haven’t heard when you were young, that’s really fantastic. I’m not sure young people who grow up with this technology are aware of the chance they have.

Äaerzerath: As far as I’m concerned I grew up in a small village where we had a Punk fest every year, so I’ve been close to Punk since my teens. I think Crust and Metal get closer to each other year after year, so you can discover new bands of both these scenes easily, when you go to a gig with a Death Metal band, a Punk band and a Disco DJ for example!

Sorhyn: As far as I’m concerned, I discovered the Crust scene after Heavy and Black Metal. Many Black Metal bands remind me of this kind of music, it’s probably thanks to them that I can appreciate it.

Lord: My relationship with Punk and Crust was formed more than 20 years ago. So when I was a teen… And when I grew up my mind changed due to life, but still I’m firmly rooted in the values that goes with Punk and Crust music. Everything can be discussed, but still… Some not. Then again I don’t know really what you mean by Punk scene… Regarding music I am a total fan of 90’s Crust (Portland, Northern Europe etc…), and I love Sludge stuff.

What can you tell me of the other bands and projects of the members of the band? Is every member involved in Punk or Metal in some way, or is there some other styles of interest to be found?

Ängoisse: Lord and Asriel also play in Aguirre, a Sludge band. They tour a lot in Punk places, like squats etc… Sorhyn have a side project called Sanskirt, a kind of crossover between Black, Death, Thrash and others.

Angoisse 04

How are the music scenes in your area in general? Are the scenes divided into for example Death Metalists, Black Metalist and Crusties, or are people of different tastes working together with live­ shows and so on?

Asriel: In Bordeaux, the scenes are now more mixed than before. Metal people come to Punk shows, punks go to Metal gigs… We have a lot of alternative places where really good bands come to play, we have a lot of good bands too, in a lot of styles. It’s really a good city if you want to be involved in music.

Äaerzerath: I think the scenes are going to be mixed more than before, even if some old rivalry is always here (Death Metal VS Black Metal, and other kind of elitism). We have a very great festival near Paris called the Fall Of Summer, where you can hear Death, Black, Doom, Grindcore and others, and I realised that everyone comes to all the gigs, so I am confident about the future. We need to be united if we want to go far, Metal music in general is going to die if everyone only supports his own friends or their own favourite bands.

How has your awesome “Demo 2015” been received? As you perform live as well, this must add to the amount of people discovering your music? Do you feel that playing live is essential to music like yours?

Asriel: For the moment, the demo is well received. We have got good reviews, and people seem to find it really nice. It was recorded really quickly, after maybe 5 or 6 rehearsals, but we needed to put it on tape to move on. Playing live is always an intense moment. For a short amount of time we try to put all our energy in the songs to make them more evil, more brutal… It’s not always easy but I think it’s really good for our band to play live and feel that energy.

Sorhyn: I know that the tape is appreciated by some people, even if not many people have listened it yet. Our music comes to life thanks to the live shows. Even if the sound of the tape releases the energy of a show, it’s not sufficient.

Lord: According to me live is really important, your learn more than when you only rehearse. The music evolves more when you play live. Then you got to know more the people you play with.

Äaerzerath: And there is a very big difference between your tape player and our fucking amps ! I love that kind of energy that makes you vibrate with the decibels !

Angoisse 05

Thank you for this interview! What can you tell me about your future plans?

Angoisse: We are working on new material, to prepare an album for next year, and we are planning to go to Spain (Basque Country) late September to play some gigs! We go step by step, we do not have crazy plans, but crazy lust of going forward ! Thanks for your time and interest, cheers !



Ritual Killer – Exterminance

(Season Of Mist, 2015)

Ritual Killer is a kind of a cult-band, when considering the amount of music they’ve put out, and the cult-like quality of it. At least in my book. Consisting of previous and current members of bands such as Goatwhore and Psychon Vex, this NOLA four-piece have now released their second full-length (the first amazing one “Upon The Threshold Of Hell” came out in 2005) during their about 16-year-long existence. This album must absolutely not be thought of on the same level as for example a recent Goatwhore-album, which might be thought of being a good display of the member’s playing and writing skills, compared to this piece of Blackened art, which is more like a nod towards the roots of the type of Black and Death Metal the members obviously love. A nostalgia-band, some might say, but also so much more.

Putting on the first song, after a really weird intro of spoken samples, we are taken directly amidst a violent and insane display of blasting Black Metal madness, crowned with even more bizarre vocal samples, besides the more “normal” Blackened vox similar to those of the first album. The second song follows with the same pace and raging insanity, slowing down a bit in the middle of the song. Analyzing what we have heard so far, we can honestly say this Black Metal is old, really old. I can not help but to think if “Blaze In The Northern Sky” would have been made in South America. The third song is nothing but a burst of fast Hellhammerisque Punk Black Metal, right up to the vocals, which sound twisted and Punk as fuck. Also, the riff here is as ugly and “uncool” as possible. Nothing commercial or nice about this shit.

The fourth song lifts up the pace, keeping the attitude of the ugly melodies / riffing from the previous song. Again the layers of different kinds of fucked up screaming vocals control the scene of this overally old Black madness. The fifth song is pretty much as straightforward as the previous one, keeping the steady battery of the album intact before slowing down to Sludgy speeds and riffing in the middle of the song, clearly reminding of the NOLA background of the band. The sixth song brings the past material of the band to my mind perhaps the most of the songs on this album, being in other words pure Deathly Black gold. The seventh song has a bit more early-nineties Norwegian vibe to it (in my ears), while being of course totally cognate with all the other material on the album. The eight and final song ties the different themes of the album together nicely, leaving in me a strong need for more.

As said above, the vocals follow the same insane logic as in the previous album, only going more further and varied with all the layers of different effect-like spoken parts and screams, which adds to the insanity which is Ritual Killer nicely.

The riffs are pretty basic, but then again you can’t do shit like this by being too avantgarde or technical. Keeping in mind the skills of all the band members involved, we can tell these riffs come straight from the heart, not the fucking guitar-school. Same goes with the drumming. Nothing fancy going on but nothing too amateurish either. Just pure fucking honest blasphemy.

The sounds (from individual instruments to the overall atmosphere) and production of the album fit the general aesthetics of the band perfectly, being clear and ripping yet hard and pounding at the same time, while staying loyal to the roots of the particular style of Black Metal in question. A very satisfying ride indeed.

In conclusion, this album is propably the best display of real, honest, hateful and sick Black and Death Metal art (with an attitude firmly rooted into Punk & Thrash of course) I’ve heard since Teitanblood’s “Death”. If you have any sympathy for what you’ve just read, or if you are just sick of all the trends going on in Black Metal – currently or during the past 20 years or so – you must obtain this album, a classic already, I’m telling you. This is the reason I still love Death and Black Metal. This shit right here.



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