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Corpspazm – S/T

(Broken Limbs Recordings, 2015)

Even tho it is currently trendy in the realms of Death Metal, Black Metal as well as Crust Punk to imitate the sounds of the classic/cult-releases from the beginnings of these styles, some newer bands actually seem to deliver the authentic sounds and atmospheres with sheer dedication and honesty, rather than copying stuff. Corpspazm (formed in 2010) from Southern California is one of those bands, and this EP (limited to 100 cassettes) is a triumphant display of just that.

What makes this release special, is the tendency of the band to sound like early South American stuff like the classic “I.N.R.I.” of Sarcofago, the cult-demo “Satanic Blood” by Von, Australian crazy shit like Sadistik Exekution, as well as as bit younger more bestial Death and Black Metal like Conqueror at the same time. Needless to say, a mixture of these elements is a match made in heaven/hell for those initiated in the original art of Death and Black Metal.

The songs consists of quite simple (Punk-simple) riffs played through pretty murky distortion, with clanky and pounding drums played with real Thrashing passion, and truly sinister and cool-sounding vocals with enough reverb to sound like been performed 20 years ago. As the material is recorded at two separate sessions, the sounds of the songs vary a bit, but not dramatically.

Only 15minutes in length, this release offers six songs of such stylish and arousing Death-worship, a longer length is really not needed, unlike some beers. This stuff is not for anyone, but to those who understand and worship the occult styles of extreme Metal firmly rooted in Punk, will wet their pants with this material.


Broken Limbs

Ad Nauseum – S/T

(Broken Limbs Recordings, 2015)

Ad Nauseum (founded in 2012) from Florida describes their music as “Fast Doom / Slow Grind”, which is indeed true, altho their music also has strong elements from Noise and Power Electronics in equal amounts. The term Sludge also comes of course to my mind. They are certainly not the first band of this nature (mixing Noise with ferocious Crust, Grindcore or Sludge), but they are a band that definitely stands out.

This cassette release features about 20mins of extreme Electronics and violent Metal and Punk oriented music so heavy and crushing, I would dare to say it is best experienced with headphones rather than crappy speakers.

The combination of mostly high-frequency noises and extremely low and crushing guitars and basses works really well, with all the different tracks clearly audible, yet merging into a single storm of malevolence, moving slowly but steadily. As the musical material is at times Doomy slow, and at other times Grinding fast, it must be said the fusion of noises and distorted guitars works better in the slower parts, altho the fast parts spice up the atmosphere nicely.

The riffs and beats are quite simple, but played professionally, both in the slow and fast parts. The vocals are also screamed with clear expertise and experience, equally violent to the overall soundscapes of the music. The Electronics are done with the same amount of abilities as the mixing of the material, a truly professional display of skills, lifting the music to great heights.

If extreme forms of Punk and Metal (in both extremely slow and fast paces), as well as the violent harshness of Noise are your thing, you must check this band out. Hopefully they will keep the quality of the mixing and production of these songs present in the future as well, as I would love to hear this same stuff as a bit longer release. However, 20mins of this sweetness is mos def worth your attention and money, trust me.



Broken Limbs

Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess

(Broken Limbs / Manatee Rampage Recordings, 2015)

Immortal Bird arose from the windy scenes of Chicago in 2013, and has already worked with such producers as Kurt Ballou, besides being critically acclaimed by various influential names in the music press. The band has also been touring a lot after their first album, and here we have their second full-length, presenting a band who at this point already know very well what they are capable of.

The album starts with technical drums and guitars combining picking and open strings, playing an avantgardish and dissonant-like riff, but instead of acting like a typical modern Black Metal band most likely would and staying with these eerie feelings, the music takes a turn with a D-beat towards a more Death Metallic and European Hardcorish approach, before exploding into Grindcore-blasting.

As the brilliant harsh screaming (not too low nor too high) female vocals enter picture, and the guitars stars shredding in an awesome way reminding of technical Thrash, we know we are in the presence of something really original. Other elements of the music (throughout the album) include the more American kind of Hardcore, Sludge and even Shoegaze.

The guitarwork on this album is really something special, combining many elements from the various styles mentioned before. The drumwork is really spectacular as well, with the various styles and elements played amazingly well, like Dillinger Escape Plan well. The sounds and production on this albums are of great quality but quite harsh, suiting the shredding sharp style of the music perfectly, and when the whole spectacle is spiced with the amazing extreme female vocals, I’m guessing the band doesn’t have to seek further for their style and sound.

If you consider yourself to be a person who would at same time like modern avantgardish Black Metal like Altar Of Plagues, Grindcore with female vocals such as Fuck The Facts, chaotic yet technical elements of extreme bands like Cleric, dosed with old-school and more modern aspects Death Metal and Hardcore (of both sides of the Atlantic), you are very much obligated to check this album and band out.

Broken Limbs

Immortal Bird (Facebook)

Occult 45 – Human Abhorrence

(Broken Limbs Recordings, 2015)

This Grindcore crew from Philly has been doing their art for a couple of years, now displaying their hatred in a form of a 7”, which is an awesome display of their art. The band doesn’t offer the technical and ultra-fast type of Grind most people are most likely used to (these days), but more of the good old eighties-style banging, bringing a pleased smile to our faces who grew up with albums like “Scum”. What makes Occult 45 special is however their mixing of Grind with Sludge and Doom-riffs and appropriate beats.

The soundscape of this release is made of awesome crunchy distorted guitars full of Death Metal, Stoner and Doom feeling, backed by the low crushing bass. The drum-sounds are for once actually fucking brilliant in relation to the rest of the sounds, working well in the slow as well as fast parts. Some Noise-elements and parts here and there spice things up, fitting the other music perfectly. The vocals are performed with an amazing amount of feeling and strength, reminding also of the golden age of Grindcore and the first Napalm Death records on Earache. The seven songs on this release are full of diverse and thoughtful parts, brought forth by a group of skilled musicians who clearly know what they are doing.

This release offers a very positively fresh (yet old-school) and powerful mixture of Grindcore, Powerviolence, Hardcore, Sludge and Doom, only 13 minutes in length but a very impressive display of the bands talent and ideas. I am definitely waiting for more releases form these dudes.

Occult 45 (Facebook)

Broken Limbs Recordings

Sovereign – Nailing Shut The Sacrosanct Orifice

(Broken Limbs Recordings, 2015)

USBM-act Sovereign (founded in 2011) present to us their first full-length in Cassette-format, and what a pleasing surprise it is.

After a very cool intro of a haunting single guitar lead, Sovereign reveals it’s true nature. Complex hellish guitars, played with tremolos and strokes, are backed by pounding basses, intense violent drumming and very cool vocals. The guitars are pretty much half in the more modern vein of Black Metal and half reminding of the nineties classic great Death Metal riffs (accompanied by solos and leads not often heard in modern Black or Death Metal of this nature), both styles performed exceptionally well. The drums are played with great expertice as well, with no errors in performance, yet still just enough off-beat to make them sound chaotic and offensive in a cool way. The paces of the songs switch between (not too fast) blasting and slower groovy and quite technical parts to straightforward Punky Thrashing and Rocking assaults. The extremely low and hard bass-sound fits the drums and rather high guitars great, as all instruments are mixed nicely audible yet not too over-produced.

The vocals on the other hand are a chapter in themselves, featuring two vocalists sometimes singing simultaneously in more than one styles of low and higher Black Metal screaming, sometimes going almost clear in their shouting. Without any effects, the voices sound sinister, serious and atmospheric as fuck, so original in nature I cannot recall any clear comparisons. Definitely unique and fresh.

The amount of riffs and different elements on these songs is amazing, making this a very entertaining release for multiple listens, most likely growing better by time. The cover-art of Derek Setzer also fits the atmosphere and nature of the music splendidly. For all into the perhaps a bit more Experimental vibes of USBM, or a mixture of old-school Death Metal fused with more modern ways of Black Metal (spiced with simple and Rocking elements), this release must simply be experienced.

Sovereign (Facebook)

Sovereign (Bandcamp)

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